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By: Gary Liar

With thanks to: Dr. Kromm, Anaraxes, Anders, Anthony, Clu2415, Corwyn, DouglasCole, Fred Brackin, David Johnston2, Donny Brook, Icelander, Johndallman, Jason Taylor, Joe, Jappeknol, Khorboth, Laynok, Mailanka, Malloyd, McAllister, Nymdok, Refplace, Safisher, Talonthehand, Trooper6, Whswhs, Varyon, Weby, William, and other people who should remind me they helped so I can put them here.


In war, lack of Kung Fu is the first casualty.

Disclaimer: Everything in this GURPS worldbook is absolutely true, except for certain claims about Ninja. This is the real world you live in! Prepare yourself!


1. The World of Kung Fu: Setting

1.1 Welcome to the World of Kung Fu

1.2 Battleground USA

1.3 The Secret of Kung Fu

1.4 The Psychology of Kung Fu

1.5 The Way of the Good Guy

1.6 Kung Fu in the Military, Police Force, and Intelligence Agencies

1.7 The Art of Kung Fu

1.8 How to Talk Like a Kung Fu Master

1.9 The History of Kung Fu

2. The Science of Kung Fu: Rules

3. Heroes of Kung Fu: The Good Guys

3.1 Shaolin

3.2 Wing Chun

3.3 Wudang

3.4 Vigilantes

4. Villains of Kung Fu: The Bad Guys

4.1 Five Venoms

4.2 Laughing Devils

4.3 Maniac Warrior Empire

4.4 Wushu

5. …And a World of Kung Fu: The Guys in the Middle

5.1 Circle of Iron

5.2 Infinite Fighting Federation

5.3 Karate

5.4 Ninja

5.5 Ronin

5.6 Animal Styles

Appendix: Kung Fu Styles from GURPS Martial Arts by Primary Faction Affiliations