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For over 100 years, peace has reigned in the Kingdom of Athervon. After throwing off the yoke of the blasphemous Jhonian invaders from across the Black Sea, the Line of Kings was restored, and the rightful rulers of the Kingdom took their place upon the Throne. The Holy Orders of the Church of Il Matio, The Father, were of course instrumental in the struggle, and upon this ascension to the throne, the King declared the Holy Faiths as the state religion. Everywhere one travels in the kingdom, pre-occupation temples as well as the mosques devoted to the heretical worship of the Jhonian God, A’Salam, have been or are being converted to cathedrals and churches for practice of the Holy Faith, to spread the good word.

Most recently, the unruly and barbaric clans to the northeast have finally agreed to align themselves to His Highness, pledging their allegiance to him, and forming the Northern Protectorate of Athervon. And while other tribes and clans further north yet still remain wild and untamed, no doubt they will see the light of the Holy Faith in time – or will be civilized at the point of the lances of the Order of the Flowering Cross if they cannot. Other lands that had been subjugated by the Jhonian Emperor’s forces have also begun to rise against their oppressors – far away to the East, Iruzhin’s Tsar is the latest in a string of rebellions to successfully overthrow the Jhonian Emperor’s yoke. But the Empire of the Amir-al-Sultan’s was vast, and he yet still wields more power than any other ruler in the lands.

It is true that in the aftermath of the occupation, there were reprisals against those unfortunate Jhonian and Issyrian settlers who were unable to flee as their hold on the Kingdom was broken. But blood cools with time, and while the remaining pockets who descended from these unfortunates will always be second-class citizens within the Kingdom, they are generally left alone to their own business so long as they make no trouble. Of course, only the Holy Faith can be openly practiced; but the royal administration now rarely prosecutes the minorities of the realm so long as they keep their foreign ways out of sight of the populace. They far prefer to look the other way as coins are dropped into the royal coffers than incur the expense of trials and executions.

The impact of this permissiveness has even extended beyond humans. Gnomish caravans have been a regular appearance for over two generations, making circuits around the countryside peddling goods and offering their services as tinkerers, craftsmen, and entertainers before picking up and moving on to the next town. There have more recently been sightings of Dwarven emissaries on the roads again – a rarity that no one living has seen, given that the falling out between the King of the House of Fyldhrm and the King of Athervon occurred well before the Jhonian occupation. Elves are still a rarity, they too having retreated to their hidden settlements within the Thornwood and the snow-capped mountains to its north, and ensuring that men who entered their realm told stories that caused others to think twice. But as the Holy Faith teaches, the Elven ways were debauched and unchaste in the eyes of The Father, so perhaps this if for the best.

None of this is to say that life is without its tribulations and struggles. Athervon’s historical arch-rival for power, Veniri, the Kingdom of Coin, once again sends its trading ships and caravans out once again to the far-flung limits of a world now free of war, bringing riches to the Merchant Houses and the King that rules them. In the south, the Kingdom of Anida lost control of a number of their vassal lords as a result of the disruptions caused by the Jhonian threat, and the resulting patchwork of city-states and princedoms that now cover the lands there is aptly named the Wild Coast.

And there are always more sinister threats to the King’s peace, of course. To the west, the desolate and dangerous hills and plains of Bakuland and Ûgozh have generated only occasional humanoid raiding parties issuing from their loathsome caverns and unclean settlements, and the King’s reprisals have been swift and crushing. The vast expanse of the marshes and mires of the Dire Fens, blocking off most land routes to southern reaches of the Athernian peninsula, are never without some evil that is ready to prey upon those that stray within its borders – or in some cases, just too close to them. But all in all, most say this is a good time to be a subject of Athervon. The crop yields are high, few go hungry, the King’s justice is deemed fair and quick, and it is possible to raise a family in peace for the first time in many generations.

Until now.

Adventure Info & Summaries

Adventure Locale
One-Eyed Kem The Dire Fens
The True Faith Murders City of Avis Armois
The Scaled God The Dire Fens



Character Name Player Name Class XP Alignment AC Max HP Current HP Max Spells Current Spells Current Enc Funds (local) Funds (base) Notes/Consumables
Violet d'Amacio Potted Plant Pal 3 6179 CG 10 19 7 1 x Lay Hands 1 x Lay Hands ; U/12" 5 gp TBD Chain Mail, Shield, Spear, Broadsword, clothes, boots, Holy Symbol, dagger, backpack, 3 x torches, flint/tinder, rations (base AC: 4 w/ shield) wounded
Darithe Thorne Darithe Thf 4 5058 CG 7 or 5 11 6 - - L/8" 5 gp, 0 sp, 0 cp TBD Leather armor, clothes, boots, Daggers (2) – one of which is the fancy dagger described above with the Thieves’ Cant symbols on it; lizard-man gourd with yellow liquid (1 dose left); (base AC: 8) wounded
Gabriel Malavieille Sam I Am Wiz 3 6330 NG 10 or 6 (Armor) or 2 (Armor + DEX) 12 3 Mag Magic Missile + 4 x 1st, 2 x 2nd Mag Magic Missile + 0 x 1st, 2 x 2nd M/6" 1 gp, 4 sp, 12 cp, 20 gp borrowed from Violet 0 GP 1 spell from each level must be Invocation; 1 x 1st level spell must be Magic Missile; clothes, boots, clubs (3); severely wounded
Fariya Mithra Camar Darklin Ftr 2/Wiz 2/Clr 2 2773/2773/2657 LG 10 or 6 (Armor) 12 3 Mag 2 x 1st / Clr 4 x 1st Mag 1 x 1st/ Clr 1 x 1st L/8" 67gp, 9sp, 8cp & 2 Emeralds (100gp ea) 50 GP Short Sword (x2), Studded Leather Armor, shield, clothes, boots, dagger x2, vials of holy water(2), vial of purple-black, viscous-looking liquid, (base AC: 7) severely wounded
Esker Manyblades Ravenscall Ftr 3 6000 CG 10 or 8 26 8 - - U/6" - - Scale Mail, Shield, Broadword, clothes, boots, dagger, backpack (base AC: 5); severely wounded; knee wounded


Character Name Class Alignment AC Max HP Current HP Max Spells Current Spells Current Enc Funds (local) Notes/Consumables
Brice Lortie Ftr 1 NG 6/4 9 3 - - U/12" - Studded Leather + Shield, Broadsword, -2 AC DEX dead
Marc Guilloux Ftr 1 NG 6/3 7 6 - - U/12" - Studded Leather + Shield, Broadsword, -3 AC DEX; dead
Davy Bain Ftr 1 NG 6/7 5 -3 - - U/12" - Studded Leather + Shield, Broadsword, Light Crossbow/10 quarrels dead
Grifo Masse Ftr 1 NG 6/7 6 -1 - - U/12" - Studded Leather + Shield, Broadsword, Light Crossbow/10 quarrels dead
Radgert Flore 0-level NG 10/9 4 -3 - - U/12" - Dagger; -1 AC due to DEX; dead


Character Name Player Name Class XP Alignment AC Max HP Current HP Max Spells Current Spells Current Enc Funds (local) Funds (base) Notes/Consumables
Yancy Blue/Ylfingur Brahnamin Brd 2 1250 NG 7 9 9 Mag 1 x 1st Mag 1 x 1st U/12" 5 gp, 5 sp, 5 pp - 7 days rations remaining; 1 x oil flasks remaining
Amara Uk'Et OMG Clr 2 1500 NG 7 8 8 Clr 2 x 1st Clr 2 x 1st U/12" - - -


Character Name Player Name Class XP Alignment AC Max HP Current HP Max Spells Current Spells Current Enc Funds (local) Funds (base) Notes/Consumables
Markel Bronik Scavenger Rgr 3 5712 CG 7 or 3 21 8 - - L/8" 81 gp, 11 sp, 20 cp TBD dead
Serala Furcalor tomas Brd 3 3212 N 8 15 3 Mag 2 x 1st Mag 2 x 1st U/12" 30 gp TBD dead

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