Mutineers Timeline, Season Five

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  • Denotes RP/Journal entry

January 04, 2522 - Shakedown Cruise ––– Our maiden voyage as the newly-christened Equinox has us delivering apple trees and orchardists before going on to Athens, there to seek out a mysterious doctor for Nika's eyes.

January 08, 2522 - Reacquistions ––– The crew tries to get Nika and Rina back, making a rescue and crossing paths with a notorious con artist.

  • January 11, 2522 - You said WHAT? ––– A sense of humor can work wonders.
  • January 11, 2522 - The Stars Are Waiting ––– Kiera and Nika start building their bridges.
  • January 11, 2522 - Comfort Level ––– Rina and Joshua find their footing as a couple again.

January 12, 2522 - Old Secrets, New Chances ––– We pick up our cargo of beef on Whitefall and on the way to Osiris discover some secrets from our ship's past.

January 28, 2522 - Ghosts of Jing Jing Bei ––– A grave injustice from years past finally comes to light.
February 12, 2522 - Stand and Deliver ––– Our passengers prove problematic with law enforcement and the crew must decide where they stand in the matter.

  • February 12, 2522 - On The Edge ––– Kiera and Joshua come to an understanding.
  • February 14, 2522 - Just Because ––– Where Joshua and Rina enjoy a quiet evening in.
  • February 15, 2522 - Breaking ... Broken ––– A complication derails Rina's expectations.
  • February 15, 2522 - Hindsight ––– Always comes too late.

March 04, 2522 - Mortal/Coils ––– We continue investigating the missing girls of Jing Jing Bei and find two who have survived their fates in different ways.
March 11, 2522 - Harem-Scarem ––– We get the girls away and jet out of there, to search for cargo to take us to Greenleaf where we will take Laney home.
March 19, 2522 - Into the Frying Pan ––– We leave Ghost with our cargo, hell bent for Paquin. We never expected Hell to meet us there halfway.

April 05, 2522 - Joshua Drake, This Is NOT Your Life ... ––– We are rescued and find ourselves under the microscope as Joshua's fate is determined.

  • April 05, 2522 - Parent's Worst Nightmare --- An unanticipated solidarity.
  • April 10, 2522 - Wave to Captain Wise --- Joshua apologizes for past deeds and loss of family.
  • April 14, 2522 - Orchard --- Joshua and Rina finally manage a little downtime on the plantation.

April 15 2522 - St. Albans Secrets ––– After a layover on Greenleaf for repairs, we fly to St. Albans to make good on the promise Joshua made on IAV Aceso.

May 07, 2522 - A Matter Of Leverage ––– In which the crew is taken hostage to leverage Joshua's capitulation to those who would use him for their own ends.
May 07, 2522 - Unusual Alliances ––– In which the crew strikes up an alliance with an unexpected party to effect their escape.

May 09, 2522 - All In A Day's Work ––– Downtime and cargo and passengers keep our crew busy.

July 01, 2522 - Casino Caper ––– We find another JJB victim in need of rescuing.
July 06, 2522 - Ithaca Rumble ––– The rescue of Racy ends in a messy getaway and a blackmail attempt.
July 12, 2522 - Newhope Encounters ––– We accept a job from Byshek and find ourselves caught between two tongs, which is a hard place to be.
July 14, 2522 - When The Volcano Blows ––– Delivering much needed medicine for the Purple Heart becomes complicated when the crew gets stuck between strong-arm tactics by a Corone mine manager and a force of nature.
July 20, 2522 - Why We Fought ––– Equinox helps six independent agents escape capture on Boros.
July 24, 2522 - Spoils Of War ––– Equinox drops off independent agents on Regina, explores Potemkin's Safehouse, and learns of his connection to Ah Toy. (Content of Wave)
August, 08, 2522 - Toy Story ––– They travel to Beaumonde, infiltrate Toys and meet an old ally.
August, 11, 2522 - Toy Story 2 ––– The Crew raids Toys, rescues the girls, exposes Ah Toy, restores their faith in humanity.

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