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Elevator Pitch[edit]

This is meant to be a mid-level game of wilderness exploration and entry into domain level play. The hope is to have a dedicated group of players that can meet virtually one or two times a month. This wiki will be used to track character sheets and assorted information.

I am looking for:

  • Players interested in running a stable of characters (main PC, retainers, and potentially 2nd-tier retainers as well).
  • Players interested in exploring domain-level activities, such as clearing hexes for settlement, researching spells, founding thieves' guilds, etc.
  • Players will be given the opportunity to directly control retainers while their primary PCs are doing other things.
  • If you don't have any of the books listed below let me know and I'll get you hooked up; I don't want anyone to have to buy something to play in the game.


The adventurers begin play in the town of Liwil. Home to the Order of the Basilisk Knights, one of the last remnants of the Skeldrene Dynasty that once controlled this area of the world, a mini-gold rush is taking place in the town, drawing prospectors from around the region. The adventurers are either recent arrivals -- perhaps from Dry Gulch to the southwest, and the Zelaia Plains beyond, or Hob, Deepwater, or even further east to the Variegated Kingdom -- or natives of Liwil. They find a town besieged on all sides: the Basilisk Knights are dying out, and monsters, brigands, and worse threaten from all sides.

House Rules[edit]

  • We will be using the rules from Into the Wild, including the character options (note that the base classes have been altered slightly). Available classes will be listed below. Additional rules from the PHM or Populated Hexes series will be available as they come up.
  • I will provide each player with five sets of 3d6 rolls to chose from. One set will be for the primary character; the others can be used to create retainers already in the PCs service (see below). Stats are in order of STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA and cannot be swapped, but they can be raised/lowered as per the rules in OSE.
  • Each primary PC starts with 50,000 XP and 10,000 gp. I will roll for starting magical items:
    • Each primary PC has a pool of 10,000 XP that can be divided among retainers (it is also okay for a retainer to start as a 0-level human at a cost of -100 XP).
    • The primary PC outfits their retainers using their pool of 10,000 gp and magic items.
    • Any leftover XP for creating retainers is added to the main PC's total at a rate of 1:2 (if there is 1,000 XP leftover from the retailer pool the Primary PC gets 500 XP).
  • Cost of Living. Rather than worrying about costs of food, lodging, taxes, moneychanging, etc., we're going to be using the Cost of Living expenses from p. 149 of ItW, with the following:
    • First month of CoL for all characters is assumed paid for.
    • Prime PCs pay Cost of Living for their direct retainers, retainers pay CoL for retainers under them, etc.
    • CoL due at the beginning of each month.
  • Combat Manuevers
  • Charms and Fetishes


Available Character Classes at start[edit]

  • Cleric
  • Fighter
  • Magic-user
  • Thief

From Into the Wild[edit]

  • Assassin
  • Berserker
  • Bard
  • Cerves
  • Dervish
  • Godborn
  • Half-elf
  • Hexblade
  • Ironskin
  • Mochyn (boar-folk)
  • Scout
  • Sorcerer
  • Warlock
  • Witch

From Other Sources[edit]

The Campaign[edit]

The Start[edit]

Liwil is an ancient city, dating back to the start of the 11th Cycle and the founding of the Skeldrene Empire, and has been the seat of the Order of the Basilisk Knights since its founding. The Skeldrene Empire was short-lived, begins to crumble during the Nadir of the 13th Cycle when the last true emperor, Zaphisdreal the Magnificent, dies, and the death of the empire is a long, drawn-out affair that, at the start of the 16th Cycle, leaves Liwil as one of the last surviving remnants of the greatness that was the Skeldrene Dynasty.

Liwil has seen a boom recently with the discovery of gold in the hills south; prospectors from the mining community of Dry Gulch to the southwest have been making their way along the remnants of the Old Road, and the domains to the east -- Hob, Deepwater, and the Scarlet Principalities -- as well as the city-states of the Zelaian Confederacy, are turning their attention to this newl found wealth. With the discovery of gold comes the interest of brigands, as well; the adventurers that passed through Dry Gulch likely encountered the Redfoot Gang, who run the town with an iron fist, and there are whispers that the Dispossessed, a vicious gang to the north, are beginning to look greedily to Liwil.

In the third year of the Sixteenth Cycle the adventurers find themselves in Liwil, drawn from across central Absalom, intent on finding their fortune. It is the Firstday of the Thirdmonth, and winter has finally ended. The adventurers find themselves in the Knight and Stone Tavern, plotting their next moves. Their factor Mr. Hand, whom they have retained to look after their interests while adventuring, lays a map on the table.

"This is a map from the last Cycle," he says, "and I cannot attest to its accuracy. It is the best we have, however." He begins to trace out areas of interest.

  • The remnants of the old road run eastward from Liwil, then cut north to intersect with the Long Road that runs to Junction -- in the Scarlet Principalities -- and Rocky Peak, to the north. There was once a village along the route, but travelers report it is abandoned and ill-omened. Were it to be reclaimed and settled it would put those in control in an advantageous position.
  • The primary concern of the Basilisk Knights are twofold: a gang of troglodytes inhabits an old keep to the north, about nine miles north of Liwil, and a village of orcs to the northwest. An uneasy detente exists between the orcs and villagers, but the troglodytes have proved resistant to reason or steel.
  • The Basilisk Knights seek an artifact, a medallion, that was stolen by a wayward knight. They do not know where it is, but will pay handsomely for its return.
  • Tales tell of a young dragon that dwells in the woods to the north of Liwil. Whoever slays such a beast will no doubt gain great renown.
  • All know of the Darkwoods, a haunted forest that lies between the Basilisk Hills and the riches of the Scarlet Principality. There's a village called Sin nestled in the woods, inhabited by all manner of miscreants and wastrels, including brigands who raid Hob and the surrounding territories.
  • West of Liwil is a small plateau that is rumored to be cursed, and none who have ventured to the top have ever returned. It is said that at one point a conclave of evil druids once conducted dark rites atop the plateau. Those brave enough to venture into its shadow tell stories of an enormous, three-horned beast that roams the hills at the base of the plateau.

Wiki Editing[edit]

At this point everything I'm asking players to do is pretty easy.

  • First step is to create your character sheet. You will find a link to the blank character sheet below. Click on the link, press "edit", copy the entire formatting of the page, press "cancel" and return to the main page. Click on your character sheet. It will ask you if you want to create the page. Click yes, then paste the contents onto the new page. Do not change anything on the page labelled "Blank Character Sheet".
  • To create a new page on the wiki simply add double brackets around some text. You can see what it looks like below in the Character Section.
  • Characters should be presented as follows (but with added double brackets around each listing):
    • PC 1
      • Retainer #1
      • Retainer #2
  • etc.


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