Last Voyage of Delilah, Season Two

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OWNERSHIP: Apr 2525 - Oct 2525

12 Jun 2525 - Episode 201: Soft Opening ––– Delilah is repaired and open for business. Valentine innaugurates her first venture as a mobile casino at a local festival and Rachel gets a line on a job from a friend.
30 Jun 2525 - Episode 202: Bones of Ares ––– A salvage job on Ares is offered and Valentine accepts it, despite the risks posed by orbital missiles, surface drones, and pirates. The crew encounters all three but manages to get what they came for and return in one piece.

03 Jul 2525 - Episode 203: Captures from the Past ––– (aka Slapping The Weasel) Chasing down a lead gleaned from an old photo found amongst his father's things, Valentine flies to Kerry, simultaneously keeping his promise to Tian and becomng embroiled with elements from Lazarus Quick's past. While Tian investigates her son's fate through her old friend Han Zhang, Valentine makes his acquaintance with a crewmate of Lazarus's, who tells him the story behind the picture he found ... and more importantly, the treasure glimpsed therein. The discoveries are not without complications, however, as Tian learns her son might be a hostage of insurgents and Valentine attracts the attention of both crooked cops and the underworld thugs of Pena.
07 Jul 2525 - Episode 204: Tit for Tat ––– Tian is captured by Weasel in retaliation for Rachel's insult.
07 Jul 2525 - Episode 205: Bulls and China ––– Poco acquires a rather problematic cargo and Valentine makes good on his promise to Tian.

11 Jul 2525 - Episode 206: Jail/Break ––– Keeping promises is hard work. Valentine and the crew engineer a jailbreak to win the favor of an insurgent faction who are holding Tian's son prisoner.

12 Jul 2525 - Episode 207: Tempest ––– The crew gets away scott free after the jail break only to land in hot water once they escape.
12 Jul 2525 - Episode 208: Rats and Rat Catchers ––– Tian negotiates a truce with the insurgents to see her son but before she can get him released, hostiles crash the meeting and the crew is caught in the crossfire.
13 Jul 2525 - Episode 209: Five Armies ––– The Lakota, David Spencer and his squad, Patience's henchmen, and the crew of Delilah are pawns in a jurisdictional battle waged between three separate parties.

29 Jul 2525 - Episode 210: Voice in the Silence ––– We arrive on Meridian and deliver our passengers to a remote enclave for the deaf. While digging a foundation for one of her well pump/power generators, Vikki makes a macabre discovery. Combined with worry over two overdue ships and Mary Ann's finding a horrible message broadcast over the radio, the crew realize that Reavers are on the way. They evacuate the village and fly ... but not before the Reavers give chase. Valentine flies off in Delilah's shuttle to lure the Reavers away so Rachel can save the ship and the passengers.

31 Jul 2525 - Episode 211: Crucible ––– Decisions both wise and rash have their consequences. The crew has to survive the fires of both. In the end, no one emerges from the experience unscathed ... or unchanged.

01 Sep 2525 - Episode 212: Mission/Creep ––– The crew spends a month's downtime in Brisbane while they recover from the Reaver attack and make repairs to Delilah. During that time, Tian discovers Nuri has been deeply affected and Valentine enters into a couple of (risky?) business agreements to make ends meet.

09 Sep 2525 - Episode 213: Misapprehensions ––– Some of the penitents at Santa Ria Mission send the crew on a wild goose chase in an attempt to steal Delilah and someone from Poco's past extends an olive branch.

03 Oct 2525 - Episode 214: New Canaan, New Troubles ––– Nuri is on trial for murder and the crew must discover the true killer before she hangs for the crime.
09 Oct 2525 - Episode 215: The Little Engine That Could ––– The crew flies to Deadwood where they deliver a mining town from oppression and deliver the oppressor a come-uppance.

16 Oct 2525 - Episode 216: Partners in Crime ––– The crew carries on with a somewhat illegal deal in order to get a salvage map ... and of course, things go awry. As an added bonus, an important piece of Poco's past surfaces when he (and everyone else) least expects it.
18 Oct 2525 - Episode 217: Green Pursuits ––– The crew deals with the fallout of the botched drug deal, finding themselves caught between the criminals and the law.
19 Oct 2525 - Episode 218: Blowback ––– The crew continues to suffer the consequences of the botched deal and this time the consequences go beyond the crew to affect the innocent.
22 Oct 2525 - Episode 219: Verification ––– The crew makes their rendezvous with Mary Ann Valmont on Yànwō, where she tells them she has a buyer for the surf records only if they can verify the age of the artifacts without being discovered.

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