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Active Characters

Gabriel Malavieille, Human Wizard
Tulki, Kitsune Beauty Cleric
Kreelis, Lizardfolk Druid
Tokoni, Human Wizard
Qetoc, Fetchling Swashbuckler

Blank 5e sheet

Blank 5e Sheet

Past characters

Laleh, Red Elf + Yasmin + Fonrith
Sugul, Ogre Oracle
Grozdan Sleet, Human Cleric of Storm
Mushka, Human Captain
Isil, Darf Elf Ranger
Daisy, Reader
Vasil Sarkissian, Armenian Infantryman
Daphne, Human Scout
Shesha, Elven Ranger
Witch Gnoll Witch
For RQG, Chargen notes:
Use the directions from p.23. Please feel free to think ahead, but I wish to do each step together as a session zero. We can also go back and forth, do things iteratively so you don´t get boxed in. Please make all rolls in Orokos or use an equivalent. We will be starting in 1625 as per the book.
Steps 1 & 2, I wish to discuss Homelands and possible relations between characters (Box, p.25) as we go. Then roll Family History for all characters' ancestors for each year. Every player may swap out 2 rolls they dislike for straight choices during the process.
Step 3 - Rune Affinities - I wish to discuss this & cults together. Also possible ties to the local setting.
Step 4 - Refer to the Box on p. 53. Code to roll in Orokos, replacing ones, is: 2d6r1+6;2d6r1+6;3d6r1;3d6r1;3d6r1;3d6r1;3d6r1
- Also, regarding the text "If the total ... is 92 or less, you may allot 3 more points...", Houserule: If it is 93 or less, add 2 if it is 94 or less, add 1.
- You may allocate rolls for SIZ and INT as you wish among the two. The same goes for the remaining stats.
Steps 5 Occupation - Worth discussing among ourselves too. Note that if you choose to use Sorcery or be a shaman, you will need to have a command of those rules as I do not.
Step 6 Cult - Characters initiated into oddball cults (most of them) may also be initiated into more standard cults such as Ernalda, Orlanth, Barntar, Eiritha, Argan Argar, Yelmalio if they choose. Ernaldans may also initiate into Voria or one of the standard earth goddesses (Esrolia etc), which we can discuss. You may take rune spells (you get three spells) from either cult. Take Cult Lore (deity) +10%, Worship (deity) +15% and +15% to a cult skill (not stacked with the other raises).
Step 7 -
Step 8 -