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It is organized as follows:

Under each month's date heading character names are in bold and in alphabetic order. Beneath the names are listed the activities of that character.

Where a group of characters traveled together or participated in the same events, the information will be listed under a single name.




  • The Enclave is founded as a place of sanctuary for those of the People (Nightfolk) who suffer persecution.




  • Discovery of the existence of the Nightfolk circulates through a select group of medical men in Paris. The resulting capture of and experimentation on two of the Nightfolk creates panic within the community, and many flee to the safety of the Enclave. Antoine Lavoiser's notes are destroyed, and he is betrayed to Jean-Paul Marat and the guillotine in order to prevent his information on his Nightfolk experimentation being made public.




  • Civil War breaks out inside the Enclave over the population control laws. An entire generation of biological children are wiped out during the conflict. The victors close the borders of the Enclave and cut off all connection to the outside world.


AUGUST 1894[edit]


Dacia Neville (Coleman)

  • Dacia Neville born Mercersville, Nebraska

NOVEMBER 1894[edit]


Kyle Kruglinsky

  • Kyle Kruglinsky born Chicago, IL (?)


MARCH 1900[edit]


  • Born in England. (City and exact date unknown)


MAY 1903[edit]


Jonathan Riswold

  • Jonathan Riswold arrives at Whispers Estate to oversee operations while Farquell is away at Abydos, Egypt.

Pierre Farquell

  • Pierre Farquell leaves Whispers Estate to take up position with the Antiquities branch of the French government in Egpyt.

SEPTEMBER 1903[edit]


Peter Aylsworth

  • Peter Aylsworth leaves Whispers Estate France, for Abydos, Egpyt

OCTOBER 1903[edit]


Nolan Colbert

  • The city of Abydos in Egypt destroys the Colbert Expedition.


Pierre Farquell

  • Farquell, Peter Aylsworth and Khalil ibn Serji locate Nolan Colbert and Alexandria Durrell, the two survivors of the expedition to Abydos.
  • Farquell writes a letter to Jon Riswold detailing their discoveries when they reach Abydos.
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Jordayne Piercy (Columbo)

  • On the heels of her failed relationship with Terence Columbo, Jordayne leaves Chicago to accept job with Golden West Theater in San Vieta, California.




JULY 1921[edit]


Jordayne Piercy (Columbo)

  • San Vieta Sun publishes article about upcoming production, mentioning Jordayne by name.
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SEPTEMBER 1921[edit]


Jordayne Piercy (Columbo)

  • San Vieta Sun publishes first article regarding the San Vieta Slasher murders
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Jordayne Piercy (Columbo)

  • San Vieta Sun publishes second article regarding the San Vieta Slasher murders
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JANUARY 1922[edit]


Alexander Chase

  • Sarah Maria Chase born.



Alexander Chase

  • Law office in Sacramento, California closed.

OCTOBER 1923[edit]


' Alexander Chase

  • Letter from Violette Chase - filed without envelope.
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AUGUST 1924[edit]


Hannalore Rhyner

  • Takes a position with the Greenwood Asylum in Arkansas.


JANUARY 1925[edit]

  • Kemphaus School and Institute in England is attacked and destroyed. All staff and students murdered except Steele

FEBRUARY 1925[edit]


Hannalore Rhyner enters the campaign.


MAY 1926[edit]


Alexander Chase

  • Sean Michael Chase born at Whispers Estate, France.

FALL 1926[edit]

Alexander Chase

  • Law Office in Sacramento, California reopened.

SEPTEMBER 1926[edit]

Mid-September 1926

Alexander Chase

  • Alexander Chase and party arrive San Francisco, California


Alexander Chase

  • Violette Chase and children living at Stockton, California house.
  • Alexander Chase framed as murderer of Chan Kui San in San Francisco's China Town
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JANUARY 1927[edit]


Carl Emerson

  • Carl Emerson writes a letter to Hannalore Rhyner from an unknown location in China.
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FEBUARY 1927[edit]


Hannalore Rhyner and Henry Williams

  • Henry and Hannalore marry in Buffalo, New York

APRIL 1927[edit]


Henry Williams

  • Henry discovers that he is a member of the Island Family, and the product of generations of incestuous intermarriage and breeding.

MAY 1927[edit]


Carl Emerson

  • Carl Emerson writes a letter to Hannalore Rhyner from an unknown location in Iran.
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JUNE 1927[edit]


Alexander Chase

  • Violette takes the children and abruptly leaves Atlanta, Georgia for her mother's house in France,when Alexander tells her about his affair with Julian, and the fact that Julian is staying at the well-spring house in Atlanta, near where they live.

Alexander Chase

  • Violette and children arrive at her mother's house in France.
  • From June 28 through July 1 Violette's mother works to convince her to return to Alexander.

JULY 1927[edit]


Alexander Chase

  • Violette and children leave Paris,France to return to Atlanta, Georgia.


Alexander Chase

  • Violette and children arrive at Atlanta, Georgia house,from her mother's house in Paris, France.

Alexander Chase

  • Violette writes a letter to Alexander discussing their conversation in June regarding Julian, and enclosing a newspaper article from the Atlanta Journal regarding the sale of Hawthorne Estate.
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Alexander Chase'

  • Hawthorne Estate - Civil War home of the Fontaine family near Atlanta, Georgia sold.

AUGUST 1927[edit]


Henry Williams

  • Hannalore tells Henry she is pregnant. Henry does not want his "Tainted Blood" to be passed down to another generation. Henry attempts to persuade Alexander Chase to arrange for a means to abort the child that his wife is carrying. Alexander Chase refuses, and Henry abandons the group and Hannalore.

SEPTEMBER 1927[edit]

NOVEMBER 1927[edit]

DECEMBER 1927[edit]


Alexander Chase

  • Alexander Chase receives suicide note from Brian Joyce
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FEBUARY 1928[edit]


APRIL 1928[edit]

  • A bank and a jewelry store in Carson City, Nevada are robbed of $ 4,000. Culprits are never caught.

Hannelore (Rhyner) Williams

  • and Henry Williams, son Henry Thomas Williams born.

  • Several hundred dollars of electronic equipment stolen from a store in Sacramento. No clues to the criminals are discovered.

MAY 1928[edit]


Hannelore (Rhyner) Williams

  • Hannalore and her son leave Whispers Estate, France to return to Buffalo, New York.

JUNE 1928[edit]


Andrew Scott

  • Andrew Scott writes a letter to Carl Ellis detailing his investigations in Cambridge, England.

Hannelore (Rhyner) Williams

  • Hannah and Henry's son Henry Thomas Williams dies. (Cause of death believed to be inherited Necrophage from his mother.)

JULY 1928[edit]


Jonathan Cromwell

  • Jonathan Cromwell enters the campaign

Jonathan Cromwell

  • Jonathan Cromwell arrives in Kansas City, following leads to Constantine

Jonathan Cromwell

  • Jonathan Cromwell tracks down Constantine's nest and kills him, along with two Beasts, and five slaves. Cromwell rescues a mute girl from the nest and sends her to his estate in France.


'Henry Williams

  • Commits Suicide at Whispers Estate.

OCTOBER 1928[edit]

  • The California Arrow running through Northern California jumps the tracks outside of Truckee, killing 38 and wounding 128. No cause for the accident is ever determined.


Franklin Scott

  • Arrives in Dublin, Ireland to begin search for his parents.


Franklin Scott

  • Arrives in Northern Ireland to attempt to locate the village of Conouf where he believes he was born.

10/18/1928 - 10/20/1928

Franklin Scott

  • Camps in the hills of Ireland while looking for a woman named Meg who may be able to lead him to Conouf.

Franklin Scott

  • Finds Meg who agrees to take him to Conouf the next day.

Franklin Scott

  • Begins the walking journey with Meg to the village of Conouf.

NOVEMBER 1928[edit]



  • The current members joined in the Fight, meet at Arturius Rand's estate in Arkham to plan for the future.

Carl Ellis

  • Carl writes a letter to Hannalore Rhyner, responding to her concerns regarding Hannibal King and the Nightsiders
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Theo Weiss

  • goes to Washington D.C. to discuss with Naval Intelligence the evidence of the Kansas City Influenza being a manufactured disease.



  • President Elect Herbert Hoover dies after contracting the Kansas City Influenza.


JANUARY 1929[edit]


Hannelore Rhyner


Jonathan Cromwell

  • Leaves Buffalo, NY for the New York, and from there he returns to Europe.

Hannelore Rhyner

  • Jonathan Cromwell writes Hannelore a letter while in transit, confessing his feelings for her.
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Tony Grimaldi

  • Arrives in London.


Tony Grimaldi


Tony Grimaldi

  • Leaves London for Whispers Estate in France

FEBRUARY 1929[edit]


Carl Emerson

  • dies in Madisonville, Ky at Eveling Industries.

Jonathan Cromwell

  • Meets with La Voison in Paris to discuss the connection between Van der Vecken and Theo Weiss.

Carl Emerson

  • Memorial Service held in Boston, after which the body is transported to France for interment.

Carl Emerson

  • is buried with honors at Whispers Estate.

Theo Weiss

  • Theo Weiss takes the Vow at Whispers Estate in France

MARCH 1929[edit]


Theo Weiss

  • Theo Weiss awakens from the Vow induced coma as a Soldier


Theo Weiss

APRIL 1929[edit]


Kataya Rasmul

  • Kataya Rasmul - The Dark Man's first lieutenant is killed.

Theo Weiss


Lawrence Eveling

  • Lawrence Eveling killed in Madisonville, KY

Derrick Case

  • Derrick Case arrives in Madisonville, KY early morning and meets with Franklin Scott. Derrick sleeps for a few hours and meets with Clay Morrison at 6 p.m.
  • The Zembelli family (from New York) of firework specialists arrive in Madionsonville, KY at 2 p.m. and begin setting up equipment for the firework display at the end of the Pioneer Days celebration on April 19.

Hannelore Rhyner

  • writes a letter to Jonathan Cromwell from Lisbon, discussing her fears about becoming the Nightfolk's redeemer (also known as Medea), and reaffirming her feelings for him.
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MAY 1929[edit]


Jonathan Cromwell

  • Arrive by train in Bilabao Spain. Attend Theo Weiss' performance. Roderick Usher meets Theo Weiss for the first time. Convestaion with K. (Perhaps K for "Kaitlen" - Hannalore Weiss's middle name)


Jonathan Cromwell

  • Travel to Zaragosa, Spain Theo Weiss (and possibly Hannalore) have dinner with Roderick Usher and his family. Dinner and show with Sarah. (Girl rescued from Constantine's Nest.)


Jonathan Cromwell

  • Travel to Madrid, Spain. Roderick Usher, his family, and Cromwell and Sarah attend Theo Weiss' performance. Conversation with K. (see note 05/01/1929) Conversation with Roderick Usher.

Jonathan Cromwell

  • 6 am, leave Madrid, Spain.
  • Arrive Zaragosa, Spain mid-morning
  • Arrive Barcelona, Spain mid-afternoon
  • Arrive Bexiers, Late Evening
  • Layover Bexiers, until early morning 05/05/1929

Jonathan Cromwell

  • 8 am, leave Bexiers
  • Arrive Arles, Noon
  • Arrive Lyon, early evening, appx. 6 pm. After sunset the party is met by Leo (Cromwell's major domo) and they travel by car to Cromwell's estate. arriving 9 pm. Dinner, introductions and a tour of the house. Late night conversation with Roderick Usher.


Jonathan Cromwell

  • Meetings all day with Leo and others regarding estate business. Progress and further implementation of the plan. (?). Administration of the estate. Daytime tour by Phillippe for Sarah and Roderick Usher's family. Early evening tour of the grounds and winery works for Roderick Usher.

Jonathan Cromwell

  • In residence in Lyon through 05/09/1929


  • Return from research trip to Ithaca, New York. Arrive New Haven Estate, Indiana 8 pm



  • Discussions with Carl Ellis regarding results of research trip. Complete translation of the "Veil" document. Look in on Loren Eveling.



  • Leave New Haven for Boston, MA 6:30 am


  • Arrive Boston, MA 3:30 pm. Call Juila in New York. Julia arrives from New York 9 pm.



  • Time with Julia in Boston


  • Time with Julia in Boston


  • Call to Whispers Estate in France to request any research materials on early witchcraft trials. Anticipated arrival of materials May 23.


  • Trip to Salem for research into witch trials.


  • Return to Boston for further research into witch trials. Trip to Harvard turns up copies of diaries by Cotton Mather. Details of traditional witch sabbats, devil marks, evil powers attributed to witches.

Call Lamont Coleman to set up appointment to meet on the 17th to discuss witch cults.



  • Meet with Lamont Coleman to discuss and review any information available on witchcraft trials or witch cults. Lamont suggests Providence and New York Historical Societies as further sources.
  • Trip to Providence, RI. Providence Historical Society turns up fragment of an obscure report by an unknown author describing a raid on the farm of Josephus Curwen, accused of dealings with the devil.



  • Travel from Providence to New York to have lunch with Julia and pursue further research. Research in New York turns up the name of William Stroughton who was executed for witchcraft and buried outside of New York. Further research indicates that the graves were moved to a different location when the road was widened in 1853.

JUNE 1929[edit]


Hannelore Rhyner

  • Theo Weiss and Hanna choose a memorial stone to mark the grave of the miscarried child. They talk with Jonathan_Cromwell, and then depart at 8 p.m. from Buffalo to New York.

Hannelore Rhyner

  • Theo Weiss and Hanna arrive in New York and board a ship at noon for Europe.

Hannelore Rhyner

  • Theo Weiss and Hanna meet Marla Maruska, Joel Cairo and Floyd Thursby on shipboard. They give statements to David Henly (Shipboard security) regarding the death of Professor Maruska. They look at keys found in the room, speak to Scott Carrington, Hanna translates a document from Russian regarding the Montuli Mare dig site.


Jack Lanter

AUGUST 1929[edit]


Eric Marklin

  • and his wife Lenore arrive in Los Angeles for their screen test.

Eric Marklin

  • and his wife Lenore shoot a screen test for RKO(citation needed) Studios.

Eric Marklin

  • Screen test with Lenore is reviewed and considered a success, Eric and Lenore are offered a contract with the studio.

Eric Marklin

  • Eric and Lenore begin filming "She Done Him Wrong", with Eric appearing under the screen name of Victor Lawrence.

Eric Marklin

OCTOBER 1929[edit]



  • Responds to Eric Marklin's request for information concerning Erica Carlyle.
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Hannelore Rhyner

  • Is tranformed into the Queen of Air and Darkness near Trujillo, Spain


FEBURARY 1930[edit]



  • The Night Of Miracles. Fortean events occur globally, peaking at this date and leveling off through out the next couple of weeks, until the phenomenon peters out by mid-March.
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JULY 1930[edit]


Lamont Coleman

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OCTOBER 1930[edit]


Lamont Coleman

DECEMBER 1930[edit]

Date Unknown


  • Becomes one of the Fae by Hannalore Rhyner


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NOVEMBER 1931[edit]


Antonio Grimaldi

  • Meets with representatives of the Jesuit orders Brothers of the Sun, and the Brothers of Eternal Vigilance. Antonio is given a piece of cypress wood, which he is told is a holy relic that can be used to "call Angels".

DECEMBER 1931[edit]

Dec 14, 1931 - Redland Jack group leaves from Inverness for Sandø Island, with Carl Ellis' group along with crewman John Elwar, and passengers Redland Jack and Henrik Mueller. This island has been uninhabited since a shipwreck in the 16th century which left survivors stranded for several years. The survivors of that eventually founded a clan/cult which would later become the village of Bailey.

Dec 16, 1931 -
Arrive at Sandø. Stay overnight after doing a ritual to investigate for signs of the influence. There is a roughly triangular hollow with vaguely serpent-shaped columns of stones in the corners of the hollow. They find a hole hidden by a flat stone down to a rough-shaped chamber with room for two people.

Dec 17, 1931 -
Late afternoon, the Augusta Queen goes on to Streymoy (the main Faeroe Island port), leaving John & Henrik on the island. The port is strangely quiet, they learn due to a rash of influenza.

Dec 18, 1931 -
Ship stays on Streymoy, where they are unloaded and not fully re-loaded due to lack of people because of the plague. Henrik stays sketching on Sandø with John.

Dec 19, 1931 -
The Augusta Queen leaves the Faeroes early in the morning.

Dec 20, 1931 -
Arrive at Aberdeen in the evening. Hansen shows a crumpled ad for Hardeen the Mysterious from the early twenties, brother of Harry Houdini.

Dec 21, 1931 -
Arrive in Edinborough in the morning. Arrive in Reith, near Bailey at 11PM. After arranging rooms at the inn, they all walk through snow towards Bailey. They are shadowed by a Fae named Andrew, who tells them news. Nearby, Carl, Rebecca, and Auda do a ritual to open the ley line going into the village. Carl and Rebecca are exhausted by this, and Auda nearly goes to attack the church, but he is knocked unconscious by Erich. The group meets at the inn later.

Dec 22, 1931 -
The party goes to Bailey. They arrive little over an hour before the solstice, which is around 11AM. They find a manor house under construction and a church-like building built around a pyramid, but no people about. The church is on the ley line, and they go down steps under the church.

They first encounter a giant scorpion creature, which runs after Hansen shoots it. In a room later, they find 30 people in a trance watching a column of light. They are a distraction, a simple energy source for the Lady. In a room following, they find 10 villagers also in a trance, facing a display of four human skins. Constance is nowhere to be found, though. There is a small chamber adjoining this where they can feel a psychic connection.

They attempt a ritual with multiple parts. They disrupt the Lady's ritual. Auda carves a symbol into the floor of the chamber and activates it with his blood. Using a silver paint pen given him by Carl, Henrik draws pictures of the three guardian statues that he had studied on Sandø Island. When the ritual completes, the guardians come to life. After staying at the back and in corners for a while, Jack inexplicably tries to attack them, but Henrik fends him off. John commands them to take the Lady back to her prison, and they obey.


JANUARY 1932[edit]


AUGUST 1932[edit]

08/01/1932 - 08/04/1932

08/01 -- Dr. Ecker, JT Williams, James O'Keefe, and Victor Grayson find themselves thrown together at the Irish Rose tavern in Detroit, owing to events relating to "Katie" Flynn. After a violent encounter with the tavern's proprietor, the four men discover a hidden box which contains personal letters in French, a map of Los Angeles, and a strange medical journal. Dr. Ecker reads through the journal, which details a strange infection, with which Ms. Flynn appears to be inflicted.

08/02 -- Led by O'Keefe, the group goes looking for Reverend Scott. Dr. Ecker, JT, and O'Keefe visit the Herman Keefer Hospital for Communicable Diseases, where Dr. Ecker has an old score to settle with Dr. Philips. The four men locate a 5th letter belonging to Ms. Flynn, which has already been translated to English. The letter raises more questions than it answers, with allusions to Weiss, Steele, Petit-Jean, Fae, Communion, and Flynn (and one other guy, whose name starts, I believe, with G).

08/03 -- The group locates Reverend Scott at Clark Park. There is something peculiar about the way his sister paces behind the small group of people he is haranguing. They follow Mr. Scott, and he and his sister appear uncomfortably close. The group also follows Dr. Philips from the hospital. They steal some strange vials he has hidden in his car. JT sets up a meeting with the Purple Gang for Thursday.

08/04 -- The four men meet with the Purple Gang at an Italian restaurant.

08/05 The four men meet in the Irish Rose to consider their next move. Williams recruits Drifter Joe and Dr. Obediah Walters.

Daniel Macklin is murdered, and left hanging by his heels from the ceiling of The Irish Rose.


  • Ecker, Williams and Joe kidnap Dr. Phillips as he leaves from his golf game, and discover details about the Fae blood condition (without that name).

08/07 Lila gives Katie Flynn the injection of serum from Dr. Ecker (the serum developed by Parkhurst).

08/08 A new manager is hired at the Irish Rose (Susie Q). Mysterious Russians seek an audience with Lovejoy and the Irish Rose crew. The Purple Gang tasks JT's 'gang' with importing unspecified items from Canada on the 12th (Friday). A wealthy woman, Voisoine du Montaine, gives Obediah a strange elixir after causing a scene at the Irish Rose.

08/09 Rev. Scott (allegedly) sprouts tentacles and devours one of the agents at his ministry. Obediah follows Voisoine from her hotel so that he can 'accidentally' run into her at a bar. She offers him a job producing the mysterious elixir and gives him a check for $2000.

08/10 Michael Barnes (the presumed leader of the government agents that were trying to capture Scott asks Victor (who agrees) to lure Scott to an isolated area so that they can capture him without alarming people (Victor instead warns Scott). Victor meets again with the Russians and returns to the Rose with an offer of a meeting (to be held Thursday or Saturday).

Irish Rose crew meets with Harvest Trust.
They also have Delphinus set up a meeting for them with Parkhurst.

Delivery for Purple Gang from Canada turned out to have wine, whisky, and at least 1, possibly 3 kids in a comatose state. (Turned out to have the 2 boys and 1 girl, all around 9-11 in age.) A courier from Harvest Trust showed up to give Doc Walters a retainer of $100.
Talk with reporter Frank Lovejoy that night at the Irish Rose. That night, the same courier girl, Delphinus, returns to say that Parkhurst will meet them at 9 the next night. (...) Lila and J.T. follow her leaving and see her disappear into the shadows in an alley.

Found that the Russians spoke well of Harvest Trust.
Met with Parkhurst in the Rose.
He talked about the "necrophagic" disease, which over the course of it replaces the body, making the host stronger and more perceptive, and heal super quickl, and makes a need to drink blood.
The elixir replaces the need for blood, but creates a dependence, and they can no longer process blood after a while.
Parkhurst talked about Carl Ellis who was the founder of Harvest Trust. Also about his own clinic, the Parkhurst Institute for Medical Research.
J.T. told Parkhurst about smuggling the kids for the Purple Gang. Parkhurst said he would do research and track them down.


  • Bought a farmhouse from a farmer with cash from Voisson, to use as a base for producing aqua vitae.

J.T. sent for his cousins Rufus and R.J. to oversee the brewing and distilling half of the operation.



  • Is asked by Hannalore Rhyner to leave Lyon and come to New York to join Nicoletta (Usher) Grimaldi's Household.

Parkhurst returns and says he had found kids at a farmhouse and asks Irish Rose crew to help rescue the kids.
In the evening, took trucks and attacked the farm with Parkhurst along with his two bodyguards and some human mercenaries.
Defenders included a number people with the Condition.
Victor was tossed out of a second-story window and hurt badly.
In a hidden room, found a makeshift operating room where someone was dissected along with footprints to a car, and rescued 2 of the 3 kids.
Parkhurst says that the two kids have the Condition, but are not part of his community in New Jersey.


Irish Rose crew bring Fae children to the farm, where they are setting up their still.
J.T. comes back to Detroit to get supplies and recruits Lila. They get medical supplies, lots of groceries, furnishings like blankets.
The boy and girl (Jason and Olivia) have been separated from their family since at least March. They had spent some time in Egypt, and were kept sedated/drugged.

Irish Rose crew investigate Canadian site where children were first picked up.
Recover some leads on a guy named Farbeque.

Lila, J.T., Casey, Walters, and Lovejoy journey through a portal to the Seelie Court.
Note background - there were 7 bodies at the site of the rescue attempt, including 2 known Purple Gang members - plus 3-4 blobs of ichor.
Photographer Casey develops his pictures of the burnt documents from the Canada farmhouse. He has lifted out good information on the 4 pages of medical notes, and semi-good information on 2 middle pages of a personal letter.
The medical notes are a rough draft, written in a man's handwriting. It concerns a mutation in the Condition - not the one that Parkhurst talked about or the serum.
Olivia says she was attacked and knocked out in her house in Britain outside Bailey about 1 year ago. She only heard of Parkhurst from her kidnappers - as Regent to the Queen of the Seelie Court. They moved around the world, including Egypt where a rescue attempt happened in Thebes. Thebans set the house on fire, but then Paige St. Mar chased them off using illusions. The boss was not a human or someone with the Condition - he had eyes with pure-black irises, tall and big with brown hair.
Jason says he is from Ohio and then later California, where he was kidnapped from a house near L.A. He says he saw Parkhurst once when he was in that house.
They report that Ricky was an American who was kidnapped last.

At the Rose, there was a note from Voisson that she will be in town on the 25th and will meet there.
Parkhurst arrives in the evening, fresh from a fight. He says to keep the Katie-Maturin letter a secret.
Matthias Dargon was a mover and shaker from before Parkhurst's time - not a Fae. He implies the time difference and longevity, but hasn't said it clearly.
Doc Walters admits that he was taken by Parkhurst to the community on the 14th to talk to people - he is mysterious about this.
Parkhurst takes J.T., Lila, Lovejoy, Casey, and Doc Walters through the root cellar into the community - supposedly in New Jersey, though the glow in the sky suggests something strange. There are apparently ~300 with the Condition, ~200 human staff, and ~400+ companions and other humans.
They meet Theo - a man in pseudo-Renaissance-style clothes with riding boots. He tells them that the children were kidnapped to be used as tools by Devarney. He intended to infect the children with a disease to strike at the Fae, inducing an atavism to a feral, animalistic state like the "Before Times". Devarney is dead now.
He explains the time ratio of 60:1 with the community, and the Fae immortality - saying the oldest ever is around 1500 years old, while around here the oldest is probably around 300. He refers to the "Before Times" - before the Queen took over 3 years ago. After at first saying that he didn't know about them or their parents, he reports that their parents are dead.
He says that the necro-phage is from Outside the universe, from a dangerous dimension that will begin incursions starting in October in New York. The three communities: Seelie Court in New Jersey, the less civilized Unseelie Court in New York, and the dangerous Enclave in eastern Europe (Devarney's group).

Theo wants to understand what is where the children were going (to get at the heart of the plan to try to use them to infect the community).

Learn that Parkhurst found out that Ricky is in Kansas City.

According to Doc, Parkhurst says that he gave Katie his journal.
The Seelie court was created here 6 months ago shallow world time. A woman named Hanna, who also became Medea in 1929 just before the night of miracles, who also become the Queen. The Queen is a separate power figure - the Queen of Air and Darkness, while Medea is the one who brought the change (in France in 1929). The community was only created 6 months ago; while the Fae took residence about 4 months ago.
The necrophage came here in an incursion ages ago. Those infected go into a 3-day transformation after they seemed to die. They adopt a new name and personality. They used to live alone or in small family groups. After many centuries, they beco
me incorporeal Elders. (Vandervecken, who was killed in Kansas City a few years ago, was 700 years old and just recently became an elder. He is leader of the Unseelie.) There is magical life force, called the Ambient, which started rising years ago and took a giant leap up about 3-4 years ago. A group of Elders contacted the Enclave, who became riders of the Fae of the Enclave, allowing them to survive the Ambient. He says that the Fae cannot do magic.
The Seelie and Unseelie have non-aggression agreement, and were both transformed by Medea.
They arrange with Parkhurst to meet with Hannah.
She explains the current theory is that the space come through is inhabited by entities - some thinking, some not - and the barrier to that space is weakening. She believes this entirely, and wants to help...
Parkhurst found his serum a failure and stopped work on it. He sent copies to Theo Weiss and Mr. Ellis. Hanna asked Parkhurst for the serum; he refused; loyal Seelie beat him up to get the serum from him. He then gave the journal to Heather, telling her to take it far from the Seelie.

Elders crew arrive in New York, late afternoon. Amanda and Maxine spend the afternoon looking through books and papers recovered from the Pentheus Building. Andrew goes to survey the warehouse where Edward Chandler has indicated the collection jars are taken to. After getting a good idea of the layout, entrances and exits, he goes back to the hotel, planning to return later in the evening with the rest of the group.

08/22 JT, Victor, and Obediah (and maybe Lila) remain behind at the Seelie Court for a couple of months, while the others return.
In the evening, JT, Victor, and Candide meet with Axler. Axler indicates that something big is going to happen in the next few weeks and he wants the Irish Rose crew to be involved.

Victor and Candide stakeout Cooper-Levitt's house and see Farbeque leave. They decide to break in and poke around.

Irish Rose crew meets with Voisoine but nothing is fully determined.
They locate the (probable) home of the third missing child, Ricky.

SEPTEMBER 1932[edit]



  • Arrives in New York to join Nicoletta (Usher) Grimaldi's Household


Tony Grimaldi

  • and Nicoletta Usher are married in New York.

Carl Ellis

  • Memorial held for Carl Ellis and Family in Chalon Sur Saone, France

OCTOBER 1932[edit]


New York City is invaded by entities from Outside



  • meets with Helena Sforza to conclude their contract


  • Leaves the United States for Paris with Helena Sforza and their Companions

JT Williams

  • Sends a letter to Candide via the courier network.
  • Sends a letter to Anton Zavanov via the courier network