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A Star Trek Adventures game set in the 2380's about the first Eclipse-class cruiser. Think X-Files and Mission Impossible... in space!



OOC Thread
Recruitment Thread

Player Characters

Kerani Kostelic Hoshino, played by suedenim
Lem Anaphis, played by strange behaviour
Shimizu Kimi, played by Maya Qwan
Nolen Xel, played by chrisinpm
Vidya Kol, played Kittlefish

Other Characters

Eclipse Crew

Captain: John de Lancie
XO: Amanda Riggs
Chief Engineer: Lindiwe Mxenge
Chief Medical Officer: Dr Uziel Zilberman
Chief of Security: Jorsh tak Khebloss
Chief Science Officer: Tholov
Helmsman: T'Rea Kostelic-Hoshino

More coming soon!

Setting Information

NX 77001 USS Eclipse

Factions Within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants

More Coming soon!

Previous Episodes

Coming a little bit later...