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Marvel Comics' Age of Apocalypse limited series was published in 1995 and explored what might have happened if Charles Xavier had been killed before the formation of the X-Men. It was a phenomenally brutal series where fan favorites and signature characters were snuffed out at unexpected moments. The series was recently reprinted in a four volume graphic novel format, inspiring me to play out stories set on this backdrop. I was also looking for an excuse to use Wild Talents, and its gritty mechanics make for a very good fit.

The Characters

Because I am running this game in a fairly episodic manner, but still want to follow story arcs I've elected to have the players use multiple characters. When they are not all present we switch to a flashback featuring one of the main characters and the remainder of the players using alternates. Occasionally we have used a completely alternate cast of characters.

Steve's Characters

Hiatus Bonus Score: +3

(Note: Most of these characters were one shots, created to get a better understanding of rules, not as serious character developments. But enjoy, I did.)
Captain America
Crimson Crush
Captain Midnight
Lady Killborgevil

Mary's Characters

Hiatus Bonus Score: +1


El Armored Dio

The Jinx

Akupara Tortise God of the Earth

Star Katchiko

Thomas "Sneak" Meridith

Tom's Characters

Captain Xenos

Tim's Characters

Dr. Octopus killed by Anarchist.