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The Unforgiving

A historical Mage: the Awakening campaign set in mid-18th century Colonial America


This wiki supports The Unforgiving, set in Heiderberg, on the outskirts of Albany, Province of New York in 1750, featuring the exploits of the Hermium Beacon. Affiliated with the Albany & New York Consilium, it is the duty of the Hermium Beacon to guard the northern frontier and bring the former domains of the Nefandus Haskallah under the Consilium's control. Their position close to the frontier also means they are well-placed to act as a line of communication to the Iroquois Consilium.

Main Sections

Player Characters - The Hermium Beacon

Awakened Members

Caprice (Sophie Bernadette de La Vallière, now known as Hélène d'Arcy) - Mastigos/Guardian of the Veil - French highborn noble with a range of shadier talents and a determination to keep magic safe. Andrea’s childhood friend and Jacob's Iroquois-adopted sister. Two husbands, one living, one dead... both hopefully far away from where she happens to be.

Coruscant (Andrea de Crussol-Shirley) - Obrimos/Silver Ladder - a half-British/half-French noblewoman who is an adventurer and natural philosopher. She is a skilled duellist and carries a parasol which conceals a sword.

Loquitor (Courtenay Dowling) - Acanthus/Adamantine Arrow - an Englishman and former officer in the British army, he lost a lot of men in an ambush during King George's War. Resigning his commission shortly after Awakening, he still has good relations with the British authorities.

Mason (John Allen) - Moros/Silver Ladder - an American Quaker minister and craftsman with utopian dreams of building the perfect society.

Associated Proximus

Jacob - a mixed-race Iroquois tracker and warrior who is knowledgeable about spirits. He is adoptive brother to Caprice under Iroquois custom. Acts as a liason between the Iroquois and New York consilia.

Awakenings and Backstories

Crown Point Expedition - Part of Loquitor's backstory - a failed attempt to take Fort Saint-Frédéric in 1747.

Paris to Albany - Caprice's backstory, Awakening and induction into the Guardians of the Veil.

Other Characters

Notable NPCs - People of note the player characters have met.

Campaign Notes

Protocols of the Hermium Beacon - The Cabal's oaths, Great Rights and internal responsibilities.

The Farrier's House, Heiderberg - The home and Sanctum of the Hermium Beacon.

Politics of the local Consilia - The makeup of mage society in the Middle Colonies.

Spirit Courts - The local Shadow courts and their compositions.

Twilight Guardians - The Adamantine Dynasty to which Jacob is a member.


Alternate Rules

Combat Regimens

Arms and Equipment


Map of North America in 1750
Colonial history of the United States - A general starting-off point on the history of America in this period.
The Middle Colonies - The region in which the game is set.
Province of New York - The specific province within the Middle Colonies in which the cabal is based.
King George's War - The recent conflict which impacted the Middle Colonies and New England, counterpart to the War of the Austrian Succession in Europe.
Father Le Loutre's War - An ongoing conflict in Nova Scotia spilling out of the unresolved issues of the last war.
Colonial Albany Social History Project - A rich source of local history for the Albany area.


The podcasts. Here you can listen to the sessions, mostly as they happened (we've only edited out dead air, not the general blather, noise of clattering dice and so on) for yourself. All are broken into two parts for ease of digestion.
Podcast listing If you'd rather get them from here instead.
Blank Character Sheet for use on the wiki

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