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Add Links to Games You've Run in the Past Here[edit]


  • (There Is No Spoon [Modfied]) Million Billion Bastards Reloaded (IC) (OOC) Sci-Fi badasses fighting to reclaim a MacGuffin.
  • (Maid: the RPG) Chateau des deux Pieces Maid comedy hijinks in the Old West.
  • (Magical Burst 0.3) Magica Mima Umbra Puella Dark magical girl tale where the story is about fighting the Story.
  • (13th Age) The Journey A band of adventurers help an undercover princess flee to safety after her father is usurped.
  • (Badass, 1st ed.) Mahou Shoujo: Roanapur Dark magical girls fighting Lovecraftian demons in the setting of the Black Lagoon anime.
  • (HERO System/Champions 6th Edition) So You Want To Be a Hero? (IC) (OOC) The heroic duo of Captain Sonic and Slipstream foil the evil plans of Stigmata, the Cancer that Walks Like a Woman, and Third, the Living Inferno. A short one-shot game to show t@nya, Captain Sonic's player, how HERO System works, and to experiment with ways to play HERO System in a PbP environment.
  • [D&D 5th] A Brave New World. (IC) (OOC) Recruitment A Hero is summoned from the real world to save the fantasy world. Along with his Goddess-appointed guide and the friends they met along the way, they tried to complete their quest. Cut short due to player illness. Some images used in the IC thread were hosted on photobucket and broke when they ceased to allow free linking.




Damian May[edit]


  • Delta Green: Operation HARVEST MOON (IC) (OOC)
  • Delta Green: Operation DEAD LETTER (IC) (OOC)
  • Delta Green: Operation DARK STORM (IC) (OOC)
  • Cthulhutech - The Fall of Juneau (IC) (OOC)
  • Delta Green: Operation POINTLESS AUTUMN (IC) (OOC)
  • Delta Green: Operation IRON ARCHWAY (IC) (OOC)


Shawn Hagen[edit]

DC Manga Imprint

DC Manga Imprint: The Fox's Wedding

DC Manga Imprint: Battle On The Shoulders Of Orion



Walkie Talkie Noise Decoder[edit]


A run of the Broken Chains adventure that went considerably off the rails to abide happily in the ship's expansive septic system. Nurgle be praised!

An attempt to adapt an old PC fantasy game, with peculiar results. Features zombies, pirates, and zombie pirates. Stars a conniving mooserat, a sexy naga and a swearing pixie.