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System Supplements[edit]

This is a list of supplements for specific game systems. Please be sure to list which game system your supplement is for if you include something in this section. (If you prefer to search by system then look at the Special:Categories page.)

Alia, Campaign Setting[edit]

Page: Alia
System: D&D 3.5

Alia is a land. A land of high fantasy where dragons scheme from their scattered fiefdoms, giants rule the great mountain ranges, and human empires struggle for dominance over the civilized worlds. It is a land where dwarves dream of recapturing the days of glory, elves fight to protect their forest homelands, and gnomes and halflings struggle under the oppression of empires. Amongst all the turmoil of the mortals, the gods of Alia are nowhere to be found, prayers are unanswered, the righteous fall to the tyrants and the world seems destined to end in ruin.

The heroes of Alia have much to accomplish. Everywhere there are wrongs to be righted, oppressive yokes to be broken and dreams to be recaptured.

Anime for HERO[edit]

Page Anime for HERO
System HERO System 5th Edition

A collection of anime and anime-inspired characters, mecha, vehicles, spells, powers and setting information for the HERO System.

BESM d20 Atlantis[edit]

Page: BESM d20 Atlantis OGC
System: BESM d20

Atlantis is a Magnum Opus Project currently being developed by me, Elton Robb. This page, a wikimedia page, is developed for users and readers to add OGC content to the setting. Everything developed there is to be creative commons licensed: meaning that anyone can use the OGC in most any project.

Blue Giant BESM[edit]

Page: Blue Giant
System: BESM

Blue Giant is a hard Science Fiction campaign setting for BESM set on the far side of the Milky Way at the dawn of the Fourth Millennium. Player Characters are Space Rangers who have to bring law and justice to the disputed territories between two vast interstellar nations.

Blue Planet[edit]

Page: Blue Planet

A general resouce project for the Blue Planet RPG

Devotions for Vampire: The Requiem[edit]

Page: Vampire_The_Requiem

A collection of Devotions for use with Vampire: The Requiem.

The Dungeoneers[edit]

Page: The_Dungeoneers_(A_D&D_Minisetting)

The dungeoneers is a minisetting for D&D 3.0. It may be more appropriate however to call it a game model as it can be dropped in almost any fantasy setting. It combines gritty low level play with a structured adventure model. In short, it’s “Regular Joes die their way through horrifying dungeons”.


Page: Dungeonpalooza
System: D&D 3.5 or other traditional fantasy setting

A wide-open world setting designed for neo-old school dungeon crawls. Includes a world map, descriptions of important locations, Prestige Classes, and a pantheon with contributions from a bunch of collaborators. Dungeonpalooza is ideal for adventure-oriented parties that like quirky locations and don't take themselves too seriously.

Essence-Blasting Hits of the Seventies[edit]

Page: Essence-Blasting Hits of the Seventies
System: Exalted

A thematic conversion for Exalted, set in the modern day and involving the Exalted as rock musicians of various stripes instead of fantasy heroes. With Essence-infused heroin, a guitar that you carved out of Elvis Presley's coffin and a Malfean fragment as your agent, it's time to take to the streets. What do you do when you get there?

Exalted 101[edit]

System: Exalted

This is an attempt to create a resource for storytellers and players new to Exalted, covering everything they need to know to get a game going, as well as tackling any niggling questions that tend to come up often about the game. It's based on a big thread from RPG open.

Gamma HERO[edit]

Page Gamma HERO
System HERO System 5th Edition

Resources for running the original Gamma World background using the HERO System.

The Gift[edit]

Page The Gift
System GURPS 4th Edition

Mages have been Earth's top predators for as long as their history records, secretly enslaving humanity to further their own ends. Their power has only ever been limited by their ability to cooperate and the little gods have been free to do with this world whatever they desired. So, throughout history, they have made war on one another.

GURPS Annotation Project[edit]

Page: GURPS:Main Page
System: GURPS

A cross-referenced collection of advice, information, house rules, etc. for GURPS 4th Edition.

GURPS Magical Styles Fan Netbook[edit]

Page: GURPS Magical Styles Fan Netbook
System: GURPS

An open collection of magical styles, written by fans for fans, for use with GURPS Magical Styles. Use it as a resource to add flavor to mages in your GURPS game, or add your own styles for others to use.

The Horizon: Virtual Project[edit]

Page: HorizonVirtual:Main_Page
System: D20_System

A re-working of the D20 System Reference Document to be more compatible with the Horizon: Virtual mini-RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.

Legend of the Five Rings[edit]

Page: L5R:Main_Page

System: L5R d10 or d20.

An open project for compilation of fan-created material for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG in any of its published versions.


Page Lineage System GURPS 4th Edition

There is no higher purpose for mankind, laid down from above. The mages have always known that. Heaven exists, but it cares nothing for humanity, not even to rule it. Hell is more attentive. The demons like it when we suffer and a demon can make a human suffer forever. Faced with a meaningless universe, will the mages stand up to defend humanity, or will they fight for personal power and glory?

M&M Serial[edit]

Page: M&M_Serial:Main_Page

System: Mutants and Masterminds

Serial adventures using the MUTANTS AND MASTERMINDS RPG.

More Than Human[edit]

Page: MTH:Main_Page

System: Storytelling System

Rules for playing superheroes and supervillains using White Wolf's Storytelling (nWoD) system.

Mutants & Masterminds RPG Wiki Resource[edit]

Page: Mutants & Masterminds RPG Wiki Resource

Mutants & Masterminds RPG Wiki Resource, is a wiki open for game groups to provide resources for Characters created with the M&M rules and campaigns ran in Mutants & Masterminds - "the world's greatest RPG" OGL D20 rules and settings. This wiki is intended as an example of characters, campaigns and resources for Super Heroic RPGs.

Necromunda in Space[edit]

Page: NiS
System: Necromunda

This is a conversion of Games Workshop's Necromunda that takes the player out of the hive and onto the Eastern Fringe. Choose your crew, create your ship, and shove-off to carve a living off the Fringe.

Paranoia Modulet 10Pak[edit]

Page: Paranoia_10pak
System: Paranoia XP or other Paranoia edition

This is a collection of 10 short modulets for the Paranoia game. They are arranged in the "Mission/Complications/Resolution/Staging notes" format from second edition. Each is about 500 to 1000 words.

Paradise City[edit]

Page: Paradise City
System: GURPS 4th

Paradise City is a "cyberpunk" game setting. While rules are given for the GURPS system, much of this guide to Paradise City should be of use to Game Masters and players of other "cyberpunk" games. There are extensive custom catalogs of weapons and cyberware.

Riki Tiki Traveller Wiki Workshop[edit]

Page: RikiTikiTraveller
System: Traveller (primarily Mongoose, but also others)

Working notes for house rules and mods for Mongoose Publishing's edition of Traveller, as well as other Traveller versions.

Sorcerer: A Menu[edit]

System: Sorcerer

A collection of RPGnet's favourite dishes from the Sorcerer Kitchen. Includes Chef's Specials (out-of-nowhere ideas), Dishes Inspired By... (ideas/settings based on other media) and Your Favourites Done Flambé Sorcerér (conversions of other RPGs). You can also sample the Wine and Dessert Menus for treats and flavours that will complement any meal. Finally, our chefs offer some Cooking Tips to help you get the most out of your own Sorcerer courses.

Spica Sector Project[edit]

Page: Spica_Sector_Project:Main_Page
System: Traveller
System: CT
System: MT
System: TNE
System: T4
System: GT
System: T20
System: T5

A Major project to re-develop the Spica Sector of space for the Traveller RPG system.

Star Wars for Mutants & Masterminds[edit]


What will hopefully become a clearing house for converting Star Wars into Mutants & Masterminds.

Umbral Domains[edit]

System:Storyteller (mostly)

A collection of additional powers as well as alternate rules and setting elements for use with the old World of Darkness games. I intend to focus largely on Changeling: the Dreaming, Mage: the Ascension and their related suppliments, however other oWoD material is likely to be included.

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 1st Edition[edit]

Page:[WFRP:Main Page]
System: Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 1st Edition

Realms of Sorcery Alternative version of the supplement

Lets Go Shopping Shop, service, and business gazetteer

Are You Mentally Divergent? Expanded Insanity Rules

Purring A Revolting Exhibition Among Imperial Citizens of an Imported Albion Article of Brutal "Sport."

Tomorrow’s forecast for the Old World is… Weather

Drinking Rules!!! Expanded rules for Alcohol Consumption

What Were They, Psychos? Alternative Rules For Vampires

Weapons of Space[edit]

Page: WeaponsofSpace
System: Weapons of the Gods

Weapons of Space attempts to retell wuxia stories in a more futuristic setting. This will also incorporate several modifications to the Weapons of the Gods system to streamline it to some extent.

Werewolf: The Forsaken Articles[edit]

System: Werewolf: The Forsaken The idea of this page is serve as an index to various articles, stories and ideas created to enhance White Wolf's Werewolf: the Forsaken setting.

The Western Shores[edit]

Page: WS:Main Page
System: Hero System Fifth Edition

A high fantasy campaign setting for Fantasy Hero using the 5ER version of the Hero System.

WWE Know Your Role! Wrestlers[edit]

Page: WWE Know Your Role Main Page

Wrestler stats and other resources for the WWE Know Your Role! RPG.

Young Kingdoms Adventures[edit]

Page: YKAdventures:Main_Page
System: Stormbringer Fifth Edition or Elric!

This is a collection of story seeds for the Stormbringer roleplaying game, sorted by geographical locations. It includes notable people, places, items, and creatures for cities and countries all across the Young Kingdoms.