Wrath of the Lich Queen

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Wrath of the Lich Queen[edit]

A Role-playing game page devoted to the Eberron Play by Post The Wrath of the Lich Queen. Here the main characters may post their backgrounds and anything relevant to the storyline that will be worth preserving for posterity.

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Setting Information[edit]

The Sixth Age - The PCs current campaign setting.

4E Changes - Because they're important.

Wrath of the Lich Queen 2.5

Main PCs[edit]

Benjamin Greywood - Gatekeeper Prophet who looks like he's seventeen

Delake - Werewolf...angry mommy umbragen

Drake d'Cannith - Leader of house Cannith

Gerald Greywood - Chivalrous Ranger and Leader of the Dragon Knights

Gladius - The Bard and your resident Evil Overlord. *updated July 6th*

Jan - Delake's husband , all around good man, werewolf

Kirielle of Blitzschlag - Countess, Priestess, & Werewolf

Maevac - Samantha's lover..among others..and poster boy for bad girls to get with..wether he wants it or not..

Megan D'Deneith - Crusader and Walking Identity Crisis

Mia Greywood-Vulpes - Adorable ball of randomness


Patch Cannith - Mute Medic, Mad Scientist, Caring Robotic Father, Old Geezer.

Rupin - You all know him already

Samantha - Delake's ward , lover of Maevac..and other..Beguiler..half fae quarter succubi

Zeriss - A paladin who's insane? WHAT A TWEEST

Secondary PCs[edit]

Eben and Elle - No relation

Family Members - Relatives of the Heroes

Issac Kelnas - Totally not the Tenth Doctor

The Seven Shifters - Group of Cat Shifters fanatically devoted to Ben

Xiang - Adorable teenage Japane- er...Sarlonian girl with mad sword skills

Xrillia - Delake's cousin (not werewolf), and slightly off now.

Marlene--- Flower Girl

Yari, Sarin and Johnny - The self proclaimed boys team of Shadowfast.


Bob and Steve H. Goblin - The Dark Overlord's henchmen.

G.I.R.L.S - Acronyms Ahoy!


Ages of Eberron

Non-Evil Groups[edit]

The Animal Lords - Spiritual guardians of Eberron created by the Dragon Between

The Watchmen


Alex Cannith-Vulpes - Cute and Fuzzy master of getting you to thank him for enslaving you and everything you hold dear

Erandis D'Vol - The Teenage Lich Queen herself

Githyanki in Eberron

Kazandra- 2nd in Command of the Emerald Claw.

Lindsey Baron - Former Librarian and local knower-of-various-obscure-and-surprisingly-relevant-things, now creepily sexy chibi Lady of the Vampires working for the Emerald Claw

Muffin - Marie's Evil Opposite

Villain Encyclopedia

The Demon King - The Dragon to Erandis' Dark Lord.

The Emerald Claw - Undead Nazis, I hate em.

The Twelve Sins - The Deadly Gods new and improved model.

Dead Characters[edit]

PC's - They're dead, Jim

NPC's - They had names, so mourn them dammit!

Bad Guys - Successful Boss fights deserve a Trophy. Or maybe a Pizza. Pizza Trophy?