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Against the Giants[edit]

Welcome to the D&D 3.5 AGAINST THE GIANTS campaign wiki. This wiki site is a resource for a play-by-post tabletop fantasy role-playing game to run the classic "Against the Giants" D&D modules using the 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons system. The goal of this wiki site is to form a repository of information about the game that is easily accessible and editable to the entire game group.

Against the Giants Setting Background[edit]

The core group of characters have adventured together for since Level 1. They began by thwarting the plans of freshwater sahuagin to make Perrenland a puppet state.

This brought them to the attention of the Voorman of Perrenland (an elected head of state), who gave them the task of finding the Lost Caverns of Iggwliv. They succeeded, and returned with the marvelous artifact, the Wondrous Lanthorn. They aided in the construction of the cathedral to hold it, and in the meanwhile fought off an attempt by cultists of Tharizdun to steal it. They traced them back to a long forgotten temple of the mad dark god's, and put an end to the cult.

Then they tracked down the great blue wyrm Borhanziladilmon. She had woken and began raiding the the country. The adventurers put an end to her. This feat caught the attention of the mad demi-god Zagyg. On a whim, Zagyg transported them to an very bizarre dungeonland in the far north country of Blackmoor. They escaped and traveled back to Perrenland, putting stop to an invasion of Wolf nomads along the way.

The Voorman rewarded Gregor with the town of Altendorf. The adventurers settled down for a while, until the new troubles begin...

The Player Characters[edit]

Dropped Characters[edit]

These PCs died in battle with the Hill Giant King and his Minions:

  • Relend Unair: Human, Druid/Rogue/Bard/Fochlucan Lyrist(player: nick whaley)
  • Rellya: Elan, Psion/Constructor (Player: KeyOfTwilight)
  • Desdimina Bassarite: Human, Druid/Sorcerer/ Geomancer (player: Random Encounter)
  • Marteus the Sworn: Tiefling, Rogue/Paragon/Warlock(player: Drifter)
  • Sanis: Human, Archivist (Player: Epichero)
  • Nehrahs Whisperwind : Elf Druid/Master of many Forms/Dragonkith (Player: KeyOfTwilight)

These Heroes were rescued from the Hill Giant's prison and subsequently trod their own path:

Missing, Presumed Deified:

This genie was freed by the conclusion of his service to Kazoth:

Isaac's Simulacrum was slain in battle in the glacier of the Frost Giant Jarl:

This elf warrior-maiden sacrificed herself once more in the capturing of Kethika, the greatest treasure-seeker that ever lived:

This Dwarf died that others might live:

Player-controlled NPCs[edit]

These NPCs are currently under the control and/or influence of a PC.

GM controlled NPCs[edit]

Jack's Giant Slayers[edit]

  • Aukan "Brightblade" Thuliaga  : Goliath Paladin/Warpriest (player nickwhalley)
  • Beleg Strongbow, half-giant archer
  • Justine The Cleaver, Smash mouth She-Frenzied Berserker With a sharp ironing board
  • Drunken Kid, Martial Arts Thug
  • Jack the Giant Slayer Human Osf Ranger 2/Stoneblessed (Gnome) 3/Gnome Giant Slayer10/Fighter 3. Jack is a ranger/fighter/giantslayer. Notes: +25 favored enemy damage vs. giants
  • Nalyd Valley (grey) elf Factotum 11/Chameleon 7 Notes: Blessed by Xan-yae
  • Nydal half-elf (grey) Incarnate—Law 18 Notes: Arduvial the Chaos breaker Int, Longsword
  • Nephets Grey elf Druid 3/Sorcerer 4/Arcane Hierophant 10/Mystic Theurge 1 Notes: Utter Bastard
  • Darkon AKA Zarkon Mountain Dwarf Monk 3/Fighter 6/Tattooed Monk 9 Notes: DR 10/-
  • Lief Lucky Halfling (hairfoot) Wilder 13/Fortune’s Friend 5 Notes: YeCind’s recorder
  • Zoomer Pipemaker AKA Bolt Halfling (Stout) Evoker 8/Force Missile Mage 5/Argent Savant 5 Notes: Multi-missile, Negating Missile, Disjoining missile, Phasing Missile

From a side adventure of Aukan -- he attacked the Giants directly while other PCs worked to free Vatun, the chaotic God of Winter...

Dramatis Personae[edit]

  • Del - Former cohort and current Knight-Captain for Gregor in Altendorf.
  • The Companions - Former Warband of Gregor, incorporated as a Free company in Altendorf on permanent retainer.
  • Fochlucan college - former collegues of Rellend.
  • Daerd - Arch-Dean of the Lyricists and nosy sod.
  • Mairchus - Local head druid.
  • Roderick Gwaeron Lelldor Runarm (9) - Gregors son and heir.
  • Elysha - Seneschal and cousin by marraige.
  • Lillendre - Gregors wife, died 4 years ago.
  • Anya- Gregors sister, A cloistered cleric of Ehlonna.
  • Kelsue: Albard's wife. Rogue. Pregnant. Moody.
  • Ira(12), Albard and Kelsue's son
  • Alicia (8) Albard and Kelsue's daughter
  • Kethika Lii: Epic level Dungeon Delver / Archivist. AKA Mortsdon the Frost Giant King. Looks a bit like Lillendre. Currently a prisoner and in a coma. "Holy hell, who or what is this woman???"
  • Vivkt the Awesome, a Storm Giant Bard. Captured by the Frost giants, and used as a sex toy by Skas, Mortsdron's wife, and another female giant that never gave her name. Presumably Kethika getting her ashes hauled.
  • Eclavdra: Head of the Evil Conspiracy. Said to be a fearsome witch, of an accursed race.
  • Mordenkainen: Neutral Screwy Epic Wizard. Sent a robot to follow us around and take notes in return for rush orders on magic logistics.
  • Mephistopheles, an Archduke of Hell
  • Vatun, imprisoned god of winter
  • Cznerk, a Frost Giant berserker, servant of Vatun
  • Vatunson, a half elemental priest of Vatun
  • Frumpy, Queen of the Fire Giants
  • Farson, an old man.
  • Bright, his son, a brave lad of 15 summers
  • Illum, a captured princess.
  • Skylorn, knight and paladin of Pelor
  • Bangklongkadinon, A villain, half giant, half dragon.
  • Cerion Burner,a Mage for hire of some small repute.
  • A rednecked younger son of Clan Hugens
  • A stiffnecked prelate of St Cuthbert

Monsters Encountered List[edit]

Monsters Encountered

Clues/Hints on Current Mission[edit]


Items of Interest[edit]

Items of Interest


Out Of Character


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Altendorf is a medium sized town at the foot of the Yatils, just as the Mounds of Morn start. A high-walled place, it guards a pass into the mountains that eventually leads to Tusmit. That pass is murderously hard, so no real trade comes that way. The town is ancient though, so perhaps trade did once come through. Now it exists to act as a market place for various ranchers on farmers in the surrounding hills and low valleys, and as a staging point for those adventurers who wish to search for ancient treasure in the mountains.

This is the town that you forged forth from in searching for Iggwlv’s lair, and where you based yourselves in searching for the lost temple of Tharizdun and the lair of the blue wyrm. A stout wall and gate have been built across the pass, and adventurers now must buy a license to pass through, and a tax of 10% of the treasure they bring back. Voorman Franz gave over the rulership of the town to Gregor Runarm, now Hetman Gregor, as a reward for service to Perrenland, and for being one of the few in the land to have the strength to collect taxes from successful adventurers. One of the Hetman’s duties is to also raise a force able to patrol the pass and police the villages there, which Gregor has done. There are good relationships with a holdfast of mountain dwarves, and a steading of gnomes. A enclave of grey elves lives in a hidden valley also, but they prefer to keep distant.

Gregor has been the Hetman for five years now. The local clans have become accustomed to him and his advisers, and some of the powerful locals have become friendly too. Hetman is Mayor, which is elected. Gregor is also a Freiherr, about equal to a count. Kazoth, Issac and Albard are also Ritters, or Knights. Landgrafs are above Gregor.

The Hintervoormann (governor) of Huglerote is above Gregor. He is also a Landgraf, and most likely also a clan chief, clans having important power in Perrenland. Gregor is not a member of anyclan, and is somewhat resented as an outsider. However, he was ennobled by the current Voormann.

Albard, being a Bishop of Pelor, actually has slightly more political influence than Gregor. Not that either gives a darn.

It is the festival week of Brewfest, Godsday. It is a warm windy evening, and the celebrations and thanks to the gods of the seasons and harvest went well. You all are looking forward to Freeday, three days hence, which will be the end of Brewfest, and the biggest part of the festival yet. Altendorf is crowded to the brim with locals come in from the surrounding area to celebrate and trade, and with merchants and entertainers too.

Game Narrative[edit]

  • Giants attack our Heroes' home!
  • We interrogate the prisoners and prepare to strike back
  • We launch a command strike against the Hill Giant Chieftain, killing him and most of his court, but losing Desdemona.
  • We press into his dungeons, taking casualties, releasing prisoners, making a temporary alliance with evil, then destroying worse evil.
  • We investigate, regroup, and prepare to strike against the Frost Giants!
  • Things Get Wacky, we Rescue a God!
  • The Frost Giant Jarl Strikes Back! Oh No! A Snarky Transvestite from Transylvania!
  • Side Quest Against The Giants!
  • Now for the Dragon!
  • And for the Firegiant King! Death to Queen Frumpy!
  • The World's Second Greatest Thief can bloody well keep her hands to herself as we loot the place.

House Rules[edit]

  1. The Sister Dies First.
  2. The GM Rolls Critical hits.
  3. Everybody's a Angel.