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the Campaign Connections
Midnight Basics: a very short info brief about the difference of Midnight and D&D.

Midnight Character Creation: all the notes on creation your character.
Midnight PRE-GAME Character Background: herein are all the various options for players to do character background and the awards for the efforts.

SHADOW KILLERS Yahoo Discussion: This is where the group actively discusses game events, recaps as well as the planning of game gatherings and general group chit chat.

SHADOW KILLERS Back Chapter Bin: This is the spot for game session recaps by both GM and Players, described by the chapters of our books through. SHADOW KILLERS serial campaign is broken into story arcs. What are Story Arcs?

Midnight Party Game Calendar: Here are the working calendars for the two parties.

SHADOW KILLERS Game Inspiration Quotes

Armies of Elves, Dwarves and Men attempted to defeat Izrador the Enemy, the Shadow in the North, in the most important and final of battles in the Third Age. They met and fought valiantly against armies of Orc, Demon, Dragon and other Shadow Minion on the southern shore of the Pellurian Sea.
But… They lost.
It is the 99th year later, the Last Age of man…

The Light at the End of the Tunnel grows dim in these last days.
For 10,000 years the Light has been dying and the Shadow corrupting ever more souls. Now, desperate and alone, the Light re-opens to allow the pathwalkers to develop incredible powers and understanding, by coming to embody an eternal archetype once called hero.
But that will not be enough…
Man’s Faith must be resurrected from Serf to King.
The mighty must be gathered.
The powers must be found
and if destiny be with us we shall reforge, what should not be...

“Isil’zha Voren!” - a battle cry from the black tongue meaning “In His Name.”
These three words shall be spoken as a blessing, an oath, and a prayer for the One…
The Fey not birthed of Fey.

Welcome to the SHADOW KILLERS campaign wiki.
With the Campaign beginning on October 7th 2006, this wiki site is a resource for a face-to-face tabletop fantasy role-playing game using the Midnight Setting for the Dungeons and Dragons system. This site is a wiki which is a web page that can be edited by anyone with surfing the web! The goal of this wiki site is to form a repository of information about our game that is easily accessible and editable to the entire game group. A "campaign series bible".

Two seperate campaigns in the same Midnight world continuity.

SHADOW KILLERS Setting Background[edit]

All the people of Eredane know that freedom is a dying word. The Shadow in the North is a seemingly unstoppable force. The weak and the mad give in to his dark temptations, while the strong and the wise can only fight, and die. Some say that there is no hope against the dark lord and his Night Kings.
But the land of Eredane is vast and older than men or elves; throughout the ages, many things have been lost amidst is open plains, its hidden crags, its dark forests, and its cold lakes. Some of those things have been uncovered by accident or design, by the minions of the Shadow or by the forces of light who resist his insane and cruel plans ... these are the secrets of shadow. Daily Life Under the Shadow

People & Groups[edit]

the Pathwalker Heroes[edit]

the Continent of EREDANE on the world of Aryth in the heart of MIDNIGHT.

the SOUTHERN campaign will begin somewhere South West of the city of Cambrial, but not deep into the Aruun Jungle, Erethor.
Orc Wood Elf Sarcosan Halfling Erenlander
Fighter Wildlander Channeler Rogue Channeller
Seer Naturefriend Speaker Feyblooded Foundling

the NORTHERN campaign will begin somewhere North West of the Cale ruins, but not deep into the Veradeen, Erethor.
Snow Elf Dorn Dorn Erenlander Dwarf
Barbarian Rogue Wildlander Expert Defender
Healer Beast Fellhunter Faithful Giantblood

EVIL in the World[edit]

  • Radagug the Dog: ORC, Wildlander. Elder brother to DURGAZ. (see Durgaz's 3x3 for more) Radagug is slightly smaller than normal orcs, he was a runt amoung his siblings and rather than fight with them for survival he sought to route with the dogs and goblins for survival in adolescence. He now harbors all that hate and focuses it in a pin-point needle directed at his traitor brother, whom he has vowed to behead.
    • the Goblin Dogs: Goblin, Wildlanders & Fighters. This band of Goblins is the misbegotten horde assembled and lorded over by Radagug. More like the Orc's entrourage than a squad, they cheer and jeer on their Commander with sinister glee. These goblins are part of a larger colony bread for landspeed and blitz attacking. Yet under Radagug's care they've slipped in their tactics and enjoy torturing victims they find along their scout trip travels.
    • FORC: Goblin, Sniffer/Rogue. Forc is the the unapologeticly devious keymaster of the manacles weilded by the Goblin Dogs, which he displays proudly on a bandolier denoting that he's a "Captain". He rides a Dire Rat named Grockel. He was given his name for two reasons. The obvious actually can post nickname - when he began using a modified fork and dinner knife as his means of backstabbing and tormenting victims. The less known but even more appt reason is he tends to mimic the Orcs to get an air of power which comes off slightly rediculous at times and resulted in the nickname shortened from "False-Orc" down to simply "Forc". Though some speculate that the "F" more likely stands for a more obscene word...
    • the Traitors of Festrun: there are a small contingent of known villagers in the Hamlet of Festrun that apparently pay to watch the orc Radagug behead prisoners. It is not known how or why they have this strange contract...
  • Grial the Fey Killer: (see notes in Midnight Core) Grial is likely the key Orc in all of Eredane. He is lead General to the Night King Jazir's armies. He has personally lead many battlewaves, and now pushes the front of the war on Erethor with the Burning Line in the South and has issued a decree to form a second Burning Line in the North.
  • Those that FELL on Blood Ice: following the bloodsoaked battle of the tundra fields below Nalford in the late Winter of ??, the dead lay on the battlefield picked at by vulture and Shadow-Crow. But hundreds would immediately rise, seemingly confused but definately hungry. It is not known how or why these human/elf/orc (and other) soldiers aross so quickly.
  • Legate Pessiogn: a legate that came up from the Aruun Jungles.
    • the Exocutioner: a massive Dorn in the service of the Legate Pessiogn.
    • Skuld: the Oruk in service of the Legate Pessiogn.


  • Jazir: the Sword of Shadow. Jazir is the most known of all Night Kings, the absolute ruler of Erenland. His frequent court is in the city of  ???. Early in the winter of  ??? he began a pilgrimage to Erenhead where it's said he would name the generals that would continue leading his armies. The most feared turn of events would be to know who would take over the Kaladrune campaign.
  • Sunael: the Priest of Shadow. Though little is known of the Priest, all know it is he that has the potential of being the dominant of the Night Kings. His mechinations worm as tenticles through all Shadow units. He is supreme priest of the Order of Shadow and rules the Legates through fear and promise. His court waivers between the city of Cambrial to the South and within the halls of Theros Obsidia in Highwall (??). Early in the Winter of ?? he has begun feuling Jahzir's armies with an undead host emenating from Cambrial.
  • Zardrix: the Wrath of Shadow. The dragon beast said to have little care left and perhaps less sanity in neverending destructive service to the Shadow.

GOOD in the World[edit]

GRAY in the World[edit]

  • Shadow-Wall: Sir Walden , knight of the Sarcosan realm. Believed to have long life, he fought beside the Witch Queen at the last battle 99 years ago. His eyes were ripped from him by the hand of Jahzir himself. He is of the Seer path. His home in the Sothern Erenland is also called Shadow-Wall.
  • Lord Azamyr: the Erensil elf lord that lead the battlegroup of snow elves on the tundra in the "Battle on Blood Ice". It is believed he did not survive, but yet he walks!


  • ShadowHold: Regarding the name Shadowhold - why would a Dwarven Clan name their caern after the Enemy in the North?? Good questions... The name resulted from the local corruption of an older name of a dwarven warcry - "Shadow, Halt!", over time this would become "Shadowhalt" which translated to "Shadowhold".
  • ShadowWall: This power nexus is home to great warrior of the wars ShadowWall.


Through the AGES[edit]

The Calendar Year[edit]

  • Months of the Year: better known as "ARCS" to folk of Aryth.
    • 1 - Shareel
    • 2 - Doshram
    • 3 - Sahaad
    • 4 - Senneach
    • 5 - Halail
    • 6 - Zimra
    • 7 - Obares
    • 8 - Hanud
    • 9 - Hisha
    • 10 - Sutara

Artifacts, Covenant Items & Charms[edit]

Prophecy & Scripture[edit]

  • Shadow Wall's Call: A halfling poem of hope...
    Come ride with me,
    Through the veins of fate,
    I will show how you,
    Can find a new path.

    And how lots can change,
    When fools can be kings,
    When slaves can be free,
    When shadow can be light.

    It's not enough just to survive,
    The time has come to meet at Shadow-Wall,
    Come mighty fey and valiant kin,
    You and I must fight for the light.

Messages of Note[edit]

  • [Verlathis' Note to Steelguard]

Known Covenant Items[edit]

Charm's found or rumored of[edit]

  • the Sussar's Coin - a minor Charm of Direction: This true charm is a coin of a first age Sarcosan Sussar ensorcelled to allow the user to always sense north when flipped on the ground.

Special Materials[edit]

Riddles and Rhyme of Eredane[edit]

News & Events[edit]


House Rules in effect in The Scroll Bearers campaign:

  • No XP penalty for multiclassing. Instead, characters with levels in a preferred class gain a bonus feat at 1st, 5th, and 10th class level.
  • Bonus skill ranks from high intelligence can be used to buy a full rank in non-class skills, not a half-rank.

[These house rules were adopted from d20 Conan by Mongoose.]

  • Beyond the spells granted by Channeler levels and feats, channeling spellcasters can learn a number of spells equal to their casting ability modifier each character level. The total number of spells a character can learn in this manner is cumulative. So, if a character with a 16 (+3 modifier) in her casting ability score were to learn only one new spell at level 1 (beyond the spells granted by Channeler levels and feats), she would be able to learn five new spells at level 2. For the purposes of counting the total number of spells learned by a character, 0-level spells count as half a spell.




  • Midnight Contract: this is a easy list talking about game group social things, it's just handy to know what's expected.

  • Names a list of naming reference for the different cultures of Ayrth in Midnight. You can get the idea of how to think about the NPC cultures and such, especially the humans
    • Dorns: Celtic and Norse.
    • Sarcosans: Persian and Arabic.
    • Erenlander: Spanish, English and French.
    • Dwarven: Hebrew and the catalogue on the Poetic Edda.
    • Gnomes: Slav and Italian.
    • Wood Elves: Tolkien Elvish and Celtic.
    • Sea elves: Tolkien Elvish and Celtic.
    • Jungle Elves: Central African, Hindi and Sanskrit.
    • Snow Elves: Russian.
    • Orcs: Germanic.
    • Halflings: Irish, Native American and Gypsy.

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