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Pine Falls. Population: 51,272

The pamphlets in the cultural center say that Pine Falls was once a popular settlement during the gold rush era and grew from the small, yet tenacious families who kept their traditional ways alive into the twentieth century. Today, however, the presence of Spencer University has transformed the once quaint little town into a place where young people gather to learn and forge themselves into tomorrow's leaders. Over the last fifty years, the old town by the river has been subsumed by the trappings of modern culture; slowly taking on the appearance of a typical college town.

Spencer University is Pine Falls' first and foremost attraction and source of revenue. It is a beautiful campus sprawled out over the biggest hill in town and faces the river on its south side. The rest of the town reinvented itself to cater to the abundant student body and the more contemporary establishments are all situated nearest to the campus, dwindling away from it into what are referred to as the "cultural" areas of the town. It isn't at all unusual to see Victorian homes sitting across from fraternity houses or thrift shops built out of rustic cabins on the outskirts.

Other noteworthy sites in town include Franklin Park, the Pine Falls Cultural Heritage Center, and of course the namesake waterfall itself just outside the city limits.

East of Pine Falls is Nasisan -- a Salishan Indian Reservation. It hardly counts as a town, however, and is considered off-limits to non-residents without permission.

More to come...


Though Pine Falls is a mostly quiet town, the silence holds many secrets. For those few who are curious enough to look beyond the town's kindly face, there are a number of mysteries...

Spencer University was built fifty years ago and has enjoyed a generous and steady amount of funding ever since. The town obviously never made any sort of money before the school came, however, and it certainly doesn't seem to make so much that it can continue funding it that well. Where is this money coming from?

There have been five strange attacks in the last couple months...

  • August 26 -- Anna Farley (Little Red Riding Hood)

Found on the edge of Pritchett's property, mauled my a large animal which was never found. She wore a distinctive red coat. There was a trail of dead grass in the area. Estimated time of death: 11:40pm

  • September 13 -- Marcy Davenport (Rapunzel)

Found in her home on Herman Street, her neck crushed under the weight of a window. Her head was dangling on the outside of the house and her long hair was tangled in the hedge below. Estimated time of death: 2:15pm

  • October 9 -- Sophia Marshall (Snow White)

Found by Mala near the arboretum on Spencer University's campus, dead of poisoning. The seedless, cyanide-laced apple that had been lying half-eaten beside her body was taken by Mala before police found it, so the murder weapon is still officially a mystery to them. Sophia's father is Dr. Roland Marshall who works in the pediatrics wing of Pine Falls City Hospital. Sophia herself was a third-year medical student.

  • October 10 -- Patricia Harris (Sleeping Beauty)

Found beaten and unconscious in a ditch, declared comatose at the hospital. Drake's kiss may have awakened her from her coma, though her mind remains addled and she can now apparently see changelings for what they really were. Patricia is a freshman at the university and her parents own and operate the winery outside town. She is overseen by Dr. McCullen in Room 3025.

  • October 31 -- Kimberly McCullen (Beauty and the Beast)

Found by Fu in the gardens of the Franklin estate, attacked by an unknown assailant. She was in shock but was otherwise not seriously harmed. Her father is Dr. Martin McCullen.

More to come...

Changeling Society[edit]

For the Lost, Pine Falls represents a golden opportunity for starting their lives over again. With the city still growing, it is easier to adopt a new identity in a city whose documented history only reaches back so far and that sees many different people coming and going with the school schedules. Not only that, but the local freehold is composed almost entirely of young changelings or those that have not been in the city long -- an excellent environment for building one's reputation and influence. Add to this the fact that Pine Falls has apparently long been known for its rather bountiful Hedge and it is no wonder that changelings are figured to outnumber any of the other strange inhabitants of the city.

These great benefits come with their own mysteries, however, and most of them seem to be connected to an incident that occurred decades ago which apparently caused the old freehold to scatter to the four winds. No one in the freehold today seems to know precisely what happened, but it is known that there are a small handful of Lost in the city that do not associate with the freehold who might have some idea. They are rather difficult to locate, however, and it is said that they have less clarity than most Lost do.

The new Lost call their freehold Dawning Orchard and hold commons at the western edge of Franklin Park just outside the orchard on the evening of each equinox and solstice to observe the passing of leadership. Autumn currently holds sway in the freehold, but the Winter Court still holds the majority. With Pine Falls gradually becoming a bastion of hope for the Lost, however, the Spring Court is almost equal in numbers.

Main Cast[edit]

Group picture

Fu played by AstraKiseki

Mala played by K0npeito

Drake Nero played by SerasWinterblood

Speculations... -- This is a section for the characters' thoughts. Sort of a scribble board for anything you feel might be significant or interesting. It helps if you want to keep track of your train of thought between sessions. I'll add things occasionally, but you don't need to use my narrative method.

Supporting Cast[edit]

Students & Faculty[edit]

  • Gordon Merriwick Dean of Spencer University

Tall and broad-shouldered, Dean Merriwick might look far more intimidating were it not for his handsome grin and conservative charisma. Though his credentials are few -- a minor functionary in the University of Washington -- few who have met him question that he is suited for the task of running Spencer University. As the fourth dean of Pine Falls' prided university, Mr. Merriwick has been instrumental in making sure that the university -- and, by extension, the town -- is outfitted with the best amenities, facilities, and technologies available. A well-liked figure in Pine Falls, most people say it is a shame that he is very rarely seen outside the campus except on very special occasions.

Town Residents[edit]

  • Thomas Reuben Mayor of Pine Falls

The students and visitors call him Mayor Reuben, but long-time residents tend to call him Junior. Thomas Reuben II succeeded the position of mayor (a position that appears to go un-contested each city election) from his father, Thomas Reuben I, ten years ago and is serving his third term. Rail thin and a bit on the short side, Mayor Reuben is a sorry sight on the few occasions he stands next to Dean Merriwick. Like the dean, the mayor is fairly popular with the people of the city, but primarily among residents that have known him and his family for years. Indeed, the Reuben family is apparently one of the few that can claim residency in Pine Falls since the town first came to be. Most people that meet him witness a fairly kindly old man that lets his assistants and the more capable Dean guide the town's growth. Most people who know him, however, say that one must never forget their manners around him as he can become rather irate if he believes someone is rude.

  • Isaac Franklin Wealthiest man in town

A friendly and easily-amused man with more money than an easy-going personality like his really should have. Nevertheless, he must be doing something right since Drake knows how amazingly well his investments have panned out. It has not yet been revealed what precisely his family is known for besides making and spending ludicrous amounts of money, though anyone who spends time around town would likely notice that the park bears his name. His daughter is Theresa -- a second-year student at the university.

  • James Harris Owner of Harris Winery
  • Merle Godwin Real-estate king
  • David Keeler Head of natural resources
  • Victor Vargas Old grouch

The Lost[edit]

  • King of Masks Winter King of Dawning Orchard

As the leader of the biggest court in Pine Falls, King -- as he is called -- holds no small amount of influence in the changeling community. A Mirrorskin Darkling, King is not only proficient in the art of disguise, but apparently quite adept at bureaucratic deception as well. He has been instrumental in providing many of the newcomers with the means for starting over in Pine Falls -- making sure that they have enough money to get by and the right forged documents to satisfy the authorities. All he asks is that no one gives the people of Pine Falls any reason to dig any deeper into their business -- a request that has become more or less an unspoken law among the freehold. King is known to be a reasonably accommodating fellow, though he is a very private person and notoriously evasive in most matters not concerning the freehold's welfare. The rumors say that he has some connection to the old freehold, but he has successfully dodged any inquiries regarding said rumor.

Has been confirmed as Robert Franklin, sister to Abigail Franklin and uncle to Theresa.

  • Timber Jane Spring Queen of Dawning Orchard

If meeting King would be akin to going through customs for newly arrived changelings, then meeting Jane would be akin to the welcoming party. Outgoing and boisterous, her demeanor and hippie tendencies contrast almost humorously with the fact that she looks like a rather menacing bigfoot in a tie-dye blouse and sandals. Despite being of the Spring court, Jane is reputedly good friends with King and supports his law of subtlety -- something that, as a Farwalker Ogre, she is well-suited to. Despite that (or perhaps because of it), she has become an expert in living large in Pine Falls without attracting attention. She is familiar with all the town's customs as well as their festival and big game dates -- any opportunities for celebrations without seeming out of place. She also has ties to the local sororities and some fraternities, so younger changelings need only ask her if they feel the need to party. A recent urban legend floating about town concerning a wild man in the woods has caused some suspicion that Timber Jane became careless, but she swears that it isn't her. King has made no comment on the matter.

  • Miss Peach Outcast Fortune-Teller

Few know anything about the Lost who choose not to associate with the freehold save that they are all presumed to be insane. Miss Peach is one of the very few who are actually known to the freehold in any sense and she certainly doesn't disprove that presumption in anyway. Out towards the edges of the town, she resides in a cozy little cottage far enough away from any neighbors that no one asks questions, though the children in the nearby neighborhoods tell stories that the witch who lives in the creepy house in the woods eats the souls of anyone who trespasses after dark. The local Lost seem to think that there is some truth to this tale, though perhaps not as horrible as rumored. For all her creepiness, there would be no reason to ever approach Miss Peach but for the fact that she is an oracle of rather exceptional insight.

  • Scamper Skip Unknown factor

In the Hedge[edit]

  • Poacher

Most things that live in the hedge are both mysterious and dangerous -- the hobgoblin that the Lost call Poacher is no exception. A massive hulk of a being, Poacher is typically found wandering slowly through trails in the hedge that only it seems to understand. It is relatively simple to keep out of its way and it does not seem to possess much in the way of hearing, so it isn't terribly difficult to sneak around it either. Once something is caught in its gaze, however, it pursues its quarry relentlessly. Due to its generally slow movement, it rarely catches up to whoever it is chasing, but the scary thing is that it knows its way around the hedge so well that it always manages to get ahead of its prey. While a few have escaped it, none have ever claimed to have taken it on and lived to tell about it. No one knows what it does with whatever it catches, but it probably isn't anything nice. It moves rather silently for its size, but occasionally bellows like the groaning hull of an ancient ship. Supposedly, the changelings of the old freehold managed to figure out some trick to making Poacher stop following you, but that secret may have been lost with them.


Session 0 of Pine Falls - In which there is simply discussion, details hammered out, and other questions answered.
Session 1 of Pine Falls - In which the Heroes meet, and realize that there are murders, drama and poisoned apples, learning the latter firsthand. Fu's dicerolling 'sister' was being a Lady.
Session 2 of Pine Falls - In which the Heroes visit an Oracle, and the mystery deepens.
Session 3 of Pine Falls - In which everyone does a few mundane things, and then begin realizing that things are getting interestingly Grimm.
Session 4 of Pine Falls - In which the Heroes do some reporting, get some connections, and then find out something happened. Again. The Lady doesn't like trees.
Session 5 of Pine Falls - In which the Dragon kisses a girl, the Heroine gets to be mostly sane, and the lucky one has luck of the bad sort.
Session 6 of Pine Falls - In which Drake and Mala make connections and friends on Halloween Night, and the Lady hoards Fu's successes.
Session 7 of Pine Falls - In which Drake notices a conspiracy, and Mala's friend wakes up.
Session 8 of Pine Falls - In which pledges are made, downtime glossed, and Poacher makes a cameo.
Session 9 of Pine Falls - In which the Heroes find out it isn't Poacher, the Lady is a Whore, and enter the Hedge.
Session 10 of Pine Falls - In which the Lady can suck it hard. So. Fucking. HARD. But hey, the heroes get a Hollow. Hopefully.
Session 11 of Pine Falls - In which the Heroes (mostly) get out of the Hedge.
Session 12 of Pine Falls - In which the dragon gets glamour-stoned, the tree is the sane one, and the painting makes a new friend.
Session 13 of Pine Falls - In which the heroes almost reunite, Drake's friend turns out to be a mage, Mala proves she has a brain, and Fu gets decked.
Session 14 of Pine Falls - In which the group finally gets back together.
Session 15 of Pine Falls - Thanksgiving, info dump, a little music.
Session 16 of Pine Falls - Christmas time, and there's a bit of crazy happening...
Session 17 of Pine Falls - Crowning Moments of Awesome, all around.
Session 18 of Pine Falls - Jinkies, Drake's player was right!
Session 19 of Pine Falls - My god, King's an asshole.
Session 20 of Pine Falls - Answers, answers, and an idiot.
Session 21 of Pine Falls - A motley born... (Part 1, due to technical difficulties)
Session 22 of Pine Falls - And a battle fiercely fought. (Part 2, Final Session, Epilogue another day)
Session 23 of Pine Falls - Epilogue, part 1.