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The Adventures of Navero[edit]

Long, long ago, in the time before time, there was told a tale...

Well, OK, 1990. Waaaaay back then, the USENET newsgroups actually carried useful information rather than the constant flow of spam, spooge and inanity that they are known for today.

And back then, a guy named Daniel Eric Parsons started putting up a log of a D&D campaign he was a part of on the newsgroup And it was funny. Primarily because it was real. It's worth noting that there were stories posted before, but they tended to be of Mighty Heroes Smiting Evil and such--cliched stories with all the verisimilitude of a State of the Union speech. Navero was the first one that showed what real players come up with. It also started a trend toward humorous stories. (It's probably a coincidence that Knights of the Dinner Table started right around then, though.)

It's 17 years later, and these posts are damn hard to find. Until now. Have fun reading them... --Lord Knockwood the Mad 19:52, 5 February 2007 (PST)

The First Story[edit]

  • Epilogue--Includes short stories and character gallery.

The Second Story[edit]

Four years after the first story, he returned to to continue the story. Actually, he re-wrote the story in a new series of posts; this one went farther, though.