Running Sheet A-JA

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Running blank NPCs

Running Sheet Template 1PCs


Running Sheet Raphael

Running Sheet Alexandra Mira

Running Sheet Donovan

Running Sheet Skadi

Running Sheet Silvana


*Running Sheet Chris

*Running Sheet Alvah

*Running Sheet Vek

*Running Sheet Arlo

*Running Sheet Relmopator

*Running Sheet Macsen

*Running Sheet Truman

Elites and companion NPCs

NPCS Family

NPCs Non-Family

Arco Boys-Fort Garland-Rafe



Hounds of Mandalay



Running Sheet Chance Vandalia

Convention Characters

Tir Con June 2022

Baby's Gone Missing

Baby's Gone Missing-Dame Margot

Tir Con-Escape From New York

Running Sheet Blank for Convention Play Feel free to use this blank as a guideline for your character

  • Chris, son of Caine Running Sheet Chris
  • Alvah, Daughter of Delwin & Cihalas of Azcala
  • Vek, of the line of Benedict and Lintra
  • Harmony, Daughter of Caine
  • Rosalind-Daughter of Bleys
  • Dorian, Son of Fiona.

Tolknor's Ambercon NW

Taziliwere-For Wine and Oil

Ambercon Northern Ireland


Tríocha ceathair

Tancred Hawksman

Invitation to a Coup

Dame Margot-Coup


The Blades Of Red Gale