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'''Page:''' [[Fantasy_City_Project:Main_Page|Fantasy City Project]]
'''Page:''' [[Fantasy_City_Project:Main_Page|Fantasy City Project]]
Shared development of a generic fantasy city, its locaions, NPCs, organizations and adventure seeds.
Shared development of a generic fantasy city, its locations, NPCs, organizations and adventure seeds.
===Federal Space===
===Federal Space===

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If you are working on a major project which you expect to span 6+ pages, please enter it alphabetically in the appropriate section of this page. Use a level 3 header, so that you'll appear in the table of contents, include a link to your project's main page, then briefly describe your project.


Game Systems

This is a list of original game systems being developed at the RPGnetWiki.


Page: Æther

Did you think Earth was the only world? The world of Æther is closer than you think, a fantastic world of magic, and faeries, castles and wonder. . . and dark powers trying to conquer two worlds. Æther is a campaign setting using the GURPS rules set. Characters must leap between worlds countering threats to both worlds and facing evil spirits, dragons, and both wonderful and terrible magics.

Alter Aeon

Page: Alter_Aeon Dare you enter the world the world of Alter Aeon. Classic text based RPG with extensive quest, communication, and game play options. Online 24/7. Broadband NOT REQUIRED!

Avatar Stultus

Page: Avatar Stultus

The Universe of Avatar Stultus is home to the Fantasy RPG Kar Fero, and the SCI-Fi setting of Apox Void. All of which are open and in Wiki format.

BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes

Page: BASH!

Basic FANGS: Fantasy Adventure Network Gaming System


Version 1.6.1 of a classless skill-based RPG system, with some minimal compatibility with d20 modules. By Christopher Allen and Steve Perrin.



B-Grade is an rpg where the players take on the role of B-Grade movie characters such as vampires, mummys, martians, leprechauns, deformed hunchbacks, and wolfmen...they fight secretly for allied forces in 1935 at the brink of what will become world war 2...adventures focus on thwarting the schemes of cthulhuan occultists, far east criminal geniuses, mad scientists, double agents and facist governments...finding themselves in locations such as prehistoric dinosaur islands, archaelogical dig-sites, and secret military installations...fighting against foes such as japanese robots, radioactive mutants, sadistic superhuman nazis and legions of ninjas. Uses a heavily customised version of the One roll Engine (ORE) system.


Page: CP2020

Miscellaneous resources for running a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign.

Dice & Glory

Page: Dice&Glory:Main_Page

First Edition of a universal game system using skeletal character classes and a "buy" based experience point system and skill based magic and psionic systems. By Robert A Neri Jr.


Page Dread:Main_Page

A horror game, where the character always dies.


Page: Fabuland

A furry rpg aimed at children with a system based on the ideas presented in the Rough Quests RPGnet column.


Page: Flamepunk

Cyberpunk meets pyromancy in this detailed and complete game. Blazers, grab your obsidian deck and run the flameweb to take down the Church of Holy Flame. Burners, tool up with pyrecaster, ashblade and stonecarve armour, and take on the Guild Hellforged. Binders catch yourself an elemental, fetter in to a flesh-tattoo then go hand to hand against the Hadar Shadows. It's all here, and you can take the burn back to the Man. Hope you brough something fireproof...


Page: Gangwars

A classless d20 based system emphasizing skills and traits, with similarities to the shadowrun setting.

Irradiated Fur

Page: Irradiated Fur

A simplistic anthropomorphic apocalyptic one-shot game system.


Page: FableScape

An RPG taking place in the made up world of Morasadell {More-isa-dell.}The gama is in a Mythology/Fantasy/Simi-Shonen Genre Game. The Wiki-Page is is under-constuction.

Fantasy Rules for Fate 3.0

Page: Fantasy Fate 3.0

Geos is a standalone fantasy gameworld, using a variation on the Fate 3.0 rules. The main magic system is based on Atlas Games' Ars Magica. The system is primarily narrativist, with secondary emphasis on gamist and simulationist perspectives.

Land of Xel

Page: Land of Xel

Under construction RPG system. The Land of Xel is a fantasy RPG with a mix of technology, magic, and metal. The land is divided into four different factions each with its own internal strife and outward aggression.

Lexicon, an RPG

Page: Original Lexicon post

A copy of the page that introduced the Lexicon wiki-based RPG to the world. Originally written by Neel Krishnaswami; taken from his blog "The 20 x 20 Room".

Mano a Mano

Page: Mano a Mano

A simple, generic system. Mano a Mano is well-suited for combat-intensive games with non-humanoid characters.

Marvel Universe Game

Page: MUG:Main Page

A giant game of What If? featuring your favorite marvel characters. Eschews individual character control for a more collaborative storytelling environment.

Mini mam

Page: Mini mam

An extremely simple fantasy RPG system, derived from older versions of Mano a Mano. Mini mam is designed for absolute beginners to role-playing games and gamers who have a need for a system so simple that it doesn't require a character sheet.


Page: McMercenaries:Orientation

A game and setting of corporate warfare in the all-too-near future. Input is encouraged!

nWoD Fantasy

Page: NWoD_Fantasy:Main_Page

A modification of Whitewolf's nWoD system into a fantasy setting similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons.


Page: Open, Generic Roleplaying Environment

A generic rpg system without classes, general levels and with continuous initiative based on the OGC content.


Page: OpenD20

A classless skills based d20 derivative. Designed for elegant simplicity. The intention is to create a more universal RPG system by getting input from the online community (are you reading this? Then that means YOU!)

Open Game Repository

Page: Open Game Repository

A repository for various rules released under the Open Game License. This is intended to include everything from the SRD, games distributed by third parties, and home-brew rules.



A fairly rules-lite system of mechanics based around the resolution of contests. Designed to be modular and eminently tweakable.


Page: Serenity

Miscellaneous resources for running a Serenity/Firefly campaign.

Shattered Prism

Page: Shattered Prism

In-Development RPG series. Shattered Prism is intended to be a series of related RPGs using a unified rules system, set within a predominately Sci-Fi galaxy.

Star Wars Saga

Page: Star Wars Saga

Miscellaneous resources for running a SW Saga campaign.

Symphony of Stars

Page: SymphonyofStars

An Experiment in Cooperative Game Design via Actual Play.


Page: Texas

A rules light poker-based game system. Designed to emulate the genre of Spaghetti Westerns, in the Sergio Leone / Clint Eastwood style.

24 Hour RPGs

Page: List of 24 Hour RPGs by rating

A listing of all the quickie RPGs created as part of the 24 Hour RPG event/contest.

Wiki RPG

Page: Wiki RPG

The goal of the Wiki RPG project is to create computer based role playing games collaboratively. Games are both edited in the browser (via this Wiki) and played in the browser (the Wiki HTML pages are downloaded and the game code is interpreted by a JavaScript game engine).

WikiHow RPG

Page WikiHow RPG

A system of Roleplaying where you make a persona on WIkiHow.com and roleplay it.


Page: Xia

Wushu heroes kick ass in fantasy ancient China! A detailed and complete roleplaying game designed for playing wuxia style games of kung fu action.

Game Design Resources

System design grab-bags

Page: System_grab-bags:Main_page

A collection of all kinds of game mechanics used in different systems.

Generic Backgrounds

This is a list of generic backgrounds, not tied to any game system, that are being developed at the RPGnetWiki.

Across the Spiral Arms

Spiral arms is a space opera setting, designed to emulate many of the common Anime tropes. As such it's got a lot of drama, a lot of scope, and very little science included.

Adventure! RPG Campaigns

Page: Adventure! RPG Campaigns: Main Page

A page open for game groups to provide details and resource on individual campaigns based on the Adventure! roleplaying game.

Alvatia: Game Setting

Alvatia is a fantasy game setting originally developed for use with FANGS, however, is quite suitable as a generic low-magic fantasy setting.


Page: Amber RPG:_Main Page
A page open for game groups to provide details and resource on individual campaigns based on the RPG for the Amber Setting.

Ars Nova

Page: Ars Nova

14th century historical fantasy setting

Athanatos: A Transhumanist Fantasy Setting

Page: Athanatos

A fantasy setting where powerful magics have allowed souls to stay connected to the material plane even after the death of the body.


Page: Basilicus

A massive open content wiki project featuring worldbuilding in several genres, free fiction, and other invaluable resources.

Chaos Diceless

Page: Chaos Diceless

Chaos, Rebma, The New Pattern and all these places you have never visited or re-invented a thousand times. They're here.

A repository of Courts and places for ADRPG.

Conan RPG Campaigns

Page: Conan RPG Campaigns: Main Page

A page open for game groups to provide details and resource on individual campaigns based on the sword and sorcery setting of Conan and the Hyborian world.

Contribute Your Eerie Event

Page: Eerie Event

Following up on the thread from rpg.net, this is a Wiki designed to collate weird events for use in a variety of horror games.

Covenant, West Virginia

Page: Covenant

A hyper-historical, modern day setting in the style of Lost. Contributions needed!

Diaspora Adaptations: Diaspora Does Dallas

Page: DiasporaAdaptations:Main_Page

A hub page for write-ups using Diaspora to build settings and characters for shows like Cowboy Bebop and Planetes, together with webcomics like A Miracle of Science.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

Page: Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

Information about prehistoric creatures for use in RPGs, simulations or just "playing dinosaurs".

Encyclopedia Galactica

Page: Encyclopedia_Galactica:Main_Page

A hard sci-fi collection of solar systems, planets, lifeforms and sentient societies, suitable as a GM resource or as a subtrate for any sci-fi or fantasy campaign.

Eternal Empire

Page: Eternal Empire

Eternal Empire is a synthesis of Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction with a lenghty background that emphasizes the roles of religion, social structures, language, and race on both individuals and societies.

EverQuest rpg

Page: EQrpg Main

The EverQuest Role-Playing Game system is built on the d20 Open GL rules, and based in the world of Norrath, of the online rpg EverQuest.

Fantasy City Project

Page: Fantasy City Project

Shared development of a generic fantasy city, its locations, NPCs, organizations and adventure seeds.

Federal Space

Page: FederalSpace:Main_Page

Shadowjack's alternative-universe variation of Star Trek, lensed in the direction of harder science, more consistent worldbuilding, and uniforms with hats.


Page: Geos

Geos is a fantasy gameworld, based loosely on 13th century Europe. The current incarnation is skewed towards more realistic fantasy - while folk magic is common, actual wizards and faeries are hard to find.

The Gift

Page The Gift

Mages have been Earth's top predators for as long as their history records, secretly enslaving humanity to further their own ends. Their power has only ever been limited by their ability to cooperate and the little gods have been free to do with this world whatever they desired. So, throughout history, they have made war on one another.


Page: HarnWorld

A compilation for adventuring the world of Kethira and Harn island in particular.


Page Lineage

There is no higher purpose for mankind, laid down from above. The mages have always known that. Heaven exists, but it cares nothing for humanity, not even to rule it. Hell is more attentive. The demons like it when we suffer and a demon can make a human suffer forever. Faced with a meaningless universe, will the mages stand up to defend humanity, or will they fight for personal power and glory?


Page: Meamnar

A classic campaign setting constructed for the d20 game system.


Page: Magipunk

A weird fantasy game of urban dystopia and rapidly changing social conflict -- cyberpunk crossed with swords and sorcery.

Marvel Realtime

Page: Marvel Realtime

Extrapolating what the Marvel Universe might look like if time advanced normally.

Meanwhile, Back Home...

Page: Meanwhile, Back Home...

A (mostly) humourous Alien Contact setting focusing on Earth.

Midnight RPG Campaigns

Page: Midnight RPG Campaigns: Main Page

Midnight RPG Campaigns, is a wiki open for game groups to provide details and resource on individual campaigns based on the D20 Dungeons & Dragons MIDNIGHT Setting published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Necromunda Bible

page: Necomunda_Bible

Necromunda Bible - Is an OpenGamingResource intended to create a one stop shop for everything Necromunda. Including: New gangs, Fluff, Campaign Ideas and other user generated material based around the Necromunda board game.

Paradise City

Page: Paradise City

Paradise City, Nevada, is a "cyberpunk" setting designed for use with GURPS. The city is huge and contains a wide variety of urban environments, most of them dangerous.

Pokethulhu RPG Campaigns

Page: Pokethulhu RPG Campaigns: Main Page
Pokethulhu RPG Campaigns, is a wiki open for game groups to provide details and resource on individual campaigns based on the Pokethulhu RPG. The game is written and designed by S. John Ross and currently published (in its 3rd Edition) as a free game available from Cumberland Games and Diversions.


Page: Post Future

Your favorite setting, cast forward into a darker future.

Prometheus Project

Page: Prometheus Project

A user created, non game system specific, Bronze age setting composed of numerous city states united by trade and divided by politics, religion and war.

Skein of Worlds

Page: Skein of Worlds

A medieval fantasy setting in which the universe really is infinite, and just about anything is possible. Primarily for D&D 3.x, but contains very little system specific details.

Stardust & Aether Winds

Page: Stardust & Aether Winds

A simple little fantasy setting designed as a spin on the Swashbuckling Sailing Ships in Spaaaace!


Welcome to MAR Barker's gloriously baroque world of Tekumel, one of the oldest and most detailed FRP settings. This site will include some general background info, and material specific to 'The Shrine of Petrified Wisdom' campaign.

Page: Tekumel


Page: Traiders

Surviving and thriving after the collapse of the global economy.

Triptych: The Elemental Realms

Page: Triptych

A new mythology for modern magic games. Original elemental creatures wanted.
Encompasses three parallel worlds: The Great Gale, The White Waste, and the Blasted Lands.

The Twin Cities of Glass

Page: The Twin Cities of Glass

A fantasy setting of fantastic places. Encompasses three cities: Narcissus the City of Mirrors, Diaphane the Crystal City, and Iridos the Spectrum City; and the surrounding kingdoms.

24-Hour RPG Settings

Page: 24HourSettings

A new GM challenge set up by Knockwood: similar to the 24-Hour RPG, but focusing on settings rather than rules. (New, Jan 2008)

Ubantu: Bantu/African version of GURPS Banestorm

Page: Ubantu:Contents

This a continent based on Bantu mythology, a kind of African setting based on serious anthropology and mythography. It is designed as an add-in content in the GURPS Banestorm world (3e), with an empire than can take on and possibly win against Megalos.

Wisrtum: Wiki-Based Classic Fantasy Setting

Page: Wisrtum

This is a classic fantasy setting, intended to be creativly developed by the community without care for what RPG-System might be used to play it. The community can then produce ports of the source material to whatever game system they wish, as needed.

The World

Page: The World at 'TROS in the Hammer'

A post-apocalyptic, fairly dark and gritty fantasy setting with several unique cultures and shamanic magic. Currently for use with the Riddle of Steel, but very little game specific stuff.

GM Resources

Everything needed to make a GM's life easier

General Resources and Links

These are generic resources covering various topics that might be of use to game masters.

Page: Free Adventures
Page: Free RPGs
Page: Free Software
Page: Npcs
Page: Gaming Websites
Page: Non Gaming Websites
Page: Cool Fight Locations
Page: Stereotype List
Page: Great Quotes of RPGNet

How to Run Game X

A continuation of the thread of the same name from RPOpen--game-specific advice on how to GM. Additional contributions are welcome! The main page is here, and the category page is here.


A resource page with links to various "review" guides, formatted in a style similar to "For Dummies" books. Topics include games and game related material.
Page: RESOURCES: GROK IT! Guide Reviews

Short Adventures

A resource page with short adventures that GMs can drop into games to fill a night of play.

Page: Short_Adventures

Campaign Setups

A resource page filled with thumbnail designs for campaigns, campaign ideas, and outlines to help jump-start a game.

Page: Campaign_Setups

War Stories

Page: War Stories

Tales of things that have happened during your gaming sessions which can amuse other gamers or serve as inspiration for GMs.

Game Meta-Info and Logs

This is where GMs can put information relating to their specific games, such as character sheets, logs, plot threads, et cetera.

Game Info Page.

Mission Generator

A random generic Mission Generator.

Open Game Systems

A List of Games available under an Open License and thus usable for your own published games.

LARP Resources

Gender Neutral Character Names

A list of gender neutral names for those times when you don't know who will be playing a character.

LARP Scenarios

A list of LARP scenarios that are available for purchase or free download from various sources.

RPGnet Meta-resources

The "Create a Character" Challenge

Page: The "Create a Character" Challenge

The challenge: Create one character for each game you own!
View the thread created by "chaldfont" HERE.

Overly Honest RPG Book Covers

Page: Overly Honest RPG Book Covers

An archive of the hilarious images generated by the RPGnet thread of the same name.
View the thread created by "Neko Ewen" HERE.

Number Lists

Page: Number Lists

A collection of various open-ended lists that have sprung up over time and added to by various users, presented here in a more read-friendly format.

RPG Motivational Posters

Page: Motivational_Posters:Main_Page

A collection of the posters from the Ultra-Thread on Roleplaying Open, "RPG Motivational Posters" Still being transferred--please check the Template page before contributing!

RPGnet Thread Archive

Page: Forums Archive

A user created archive of classic threads, in the spirit of the old "Best Of Forums" page. Organized by forum, and alphabetics.

RPGnet Gatherings

Page: RPGnet_Gatherings

For information regarding any official meetups, gatherings and get togethers of RPGnet members.

Tangency Timeline

Page: Tangency Timeline

A timeline of important dates in the history of Tangency.

Let's Play Threads

Page: Let's Play Threads

An archive of Let's Play threads from Video Games Open

System Supplements

This is a list of supplements for specific game systems. Please be sure to list which game system your supplement is for if you include something in this section. (If you prefer to search by system then look at the Special:Categories page.)

For ease of use, this section has been moved to a sub-page, Please see here.


These are guides to common rpg terminology.

Game title abbreviation

Page: Game_title_abbreviations

This is a collection of abbreviations used for various games and game lines.

RPG Lexica

A collection of Gamer Jargon--terms used by the players as opposed to the game's authors and designers. Still very much a work in progress... please contribute!

What's in a (GM's) Name?

Page: Referee

This is a collection of various game master names for different games


Blacksky Company (WoW Kirin Tor Horde)

Pig and Whistle Society (WoW Kirin Tor Alliance)

Meta Forces (CoH/CoV)

Versus Gloria Omnis (Eve Online)

Where Did I Come From?

A game where an orphan kills his parents by travelling in time!